Children's Jewellery Collection

Designed & handmade in our London workshop
Children's Jewellery
Crazy? I don’t think so! After all, children are but shorter, slightly less organised versions of us (but without the credit cards) and we like jewellery! Everyone has to start somewhere and this is the place.

We have lovely christening bracelets for girls and boys, starter charm bracelets, sweet little charms – have a look at the mouse, cat, dog, and flower charms for instance.

Come on, give the little darlings a lovely gift to set them on their path through what we hope will be a long and happy life!

Also in this section are gifts for teens. We love teens here at Stephen Einhorn, we use them as consultants because they know everything, so if you are at a loss at what to give one, we have selected some of our – and their – favourites for you.

Please note, children should not be left unattended at any time with jewellery.
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