Meet The Team

Jane - Executive and Creative Director

In 1995, after running many successful businesses together, Jane and Stephen started Stephen Einhorn. Before Stephen ran his model making agency, Don't Panic, he and Jane worked together running a jewellery company designing, hand-making and selling innovative beaded hair combs and stained glass jewellery as part of the buzzing London punk scene at the time located around Portobello, Covent Garden, Camden and Kensington markets. As well as a thriving retail business they supplied esteemed fashion retailers such as Harrods, Liberty and Biba. 

Years earlier, Jane's own career as a maker and designer started with an apprenticeship at the couture house of Norman Hartnoll, and tailoress training at Tailors and Cutters Academy in Bermondsey (responsible for training many of the tailors in Saville Row. Started in the 17th century, now sadly closed). This was followed by stints in theatrical costume departments for various London theatres and the BBC. Jane then consolidated her training in fashion by becoming a fully trained milliner, training under Marie O'Hagen at the London College of Fashion. She went on to run her own clothing and hat company, and as well as making and selling her own designs herself, she also sold designs to Jeff Banks for Warehouse, having been interview by him on the Clothes Show as 'one to watch,' as part of London Fashion Week. Jane has also turned her making and designing skills to other pursuits, and has worked as a stylist for a number of photographers and model makers in film and advertising, as well as a soft model maker, specialising in miniature or outsized clothes and hats. 

 Jane has had another career path entirely running alongside these businesses, and is also a trained singer and composer.  She started singing with the London Orpheus choir and went on to complete the post graduate jazz course as singer at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Since then she has worked as a singer, and written production music and string arrangements for various pop artists. She has a Masters degree in Orchestration for film and television from the London College of Music and Media and has conducted big bands as well as the BBC concert Orchestra. 

Jane has spent many years juggling two careers; writing library music in her own studio and, with Stephen, running Stephen Einhorn. There as well as running the core business with Stephen, she designs the pearl range, writes the content for the website and oversees the shop, designing all of the innovative and quirky window displays.  

And if that isn't enough, She has recently learnt to speak spanish and she makes a mean cup of tea. 


Kirsty - Retail and Bespoke Manager


Kirsty likes antique markets and is a collector of Vintage clothes and accessories. She loves anything to do with pin-ups and burlesque. She has a jewellery degree, and likes to work on her own pieces when not at work. One of her dreams is to own her own camper van and to live in Cornwall for a summer selling her own jewellery. She loves pizza and chocolate raisins, polka dots and anything red. She hates beef burgers, Indian food, blandness and the colour beige. She is also interested in the history and culture of ancient Greece.


Lily - Consultant


Lily has been around for as long as the shop has and yes she does remember ALL past customers and shop policies over the years, so don't bother trying to pull the wool over her eyes. In fact, she really likes wool, and is currently involved in a project to re-create The Glitter Movement's finest moments in knitted figurines. She also likes books. This, and the fact that she wears glasses, makes her terribly terribly bright. Like her shoes. Lily can either be found playing the accordion whilst riding a Dutch bicycle in clockwise circles, or skulking around theatres. As you can see from this picture, she does not like having her fringe trimmed, and will only be persuaded to do so when bribed with Jelly Tots.


Lisa - Assistant Retail and Bespoke Manager



Lisa is very into all things Vintage. She is a great advocate of Make Do and Mend (obviously not for jewellery, though). She is a well-known and very striking figure on the London Vintage scene. She is also a professional Twitcher. One of her greatest Twitches has been the White Crowned Sparrow sighted in Cley. Her latest Twitch has been a nesting Spotted Fly Catcher which was seen at a top-secret location. Her favourite food is trifle.


Kelly - Head of Marketing & Communications


Kelly is a big music fan and goes to a lot of festivals. She has never been photographed without first being in a field and then holding a can of beer. She is a very experienced camper and always emerges from her tent with flawless makeup, blow-dried hair and the very latest in festival fashion. This year Kelly predicts the key look will Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch meets Rab C. Nesbitt and Joan Collins with a tight spiral perm – obviously a total beauty must do… You heard it here first! Kelly keeps her eye on the fashion pulse for us here at Stephen Einhorn. She is super friendly and very helpful, but it is advisable not to ask her for directions, as she is always very adamant that she knows the way and she is ALWAYS wrong! (Her sister will confirm this if necessary).


Amy - Graphics Designer



Amy is interested in typography, innovative design, beautiful stationary... all things creative! She loves sport (like Von Einhorn) and is a big fan of tennis and motor sports, a love passed on by her parents. She was the women’s tennis captain at Uni. She loves food, and a bad food decision in a restaurant can ruin her week. She doesn’t like pigeons because of their erratic behaviour and also thinks they are just a little bit too cocky!


Gerry - Jeweller



Gerry has been working in the jewellery business since he was a child. He was given his first pair of pliers when he was two by his father and soon learnt not to squeeze his own fingers! He is very highly skilled. Having worked for many famous jewellery companies, he has come highly recommended to us. He likes working for Stephen Einhorn as he finds the work very challenging fun and rewarding, what more could you ask? He loves music from Rihanna to Pink Floyd. His favourite pastimes are Formula 1 Racing, gardening (he has an allotment) and general master building. He recently built an extension on his house, which was not an entirely happy experience!


Raj Ashra - Head of Finance

Raj has the heaviest job at Stephen Einhorn. He follows the money and can only be contacted in writing. Please do not ask for credit as you will be disappointed.  
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