Every Guitar Hero Needs a Ballad & A Stephen Einhorn Skull Ring

Listening to ‘The Wind That Shakes The Heart’ is a roller coaster of a ride, mainly because Andy James is an amazing guitar player! It gets the blood rushing through the veins, speeds up the heart rate.

Watching the ease of Andy James’s fingers fluttering over the guitar strings is like watching a hundred dainty birds searching for food, his fingers slide so gracefully over the strings like a majestic swan moving slowly down the river, all creating the sound of a song that flies to the heavens on the back of a giant golden eagle. All this and ‘The Ring of Destiny’ (otherwise known as our silver Skull ring with amethyst eyes) as well, it doesn’t get much better!

Andy James - Jam Track Central - The Wind that Shakes the Barley - Stephen Einhorn Skull Ring

Here is some very informative blurb from Jam Track Central about their new album… we love these guys, they have such good taste!

‘Every Guitar Hero Needs a Ballad’. That is what our co-founder Jan Cyrka said when we decided to create our first ever JTC original full length album. Vai, Satriani, you name them… they have one!

So we spoke to a number of the artists on our glittering roster and asked them to compose their ultimate ballad. The result is a powerful album that is full of pure emotion and drive and takes you on a journey through the minds of 11 incredibly talented guitar players and composers.

Starting with Andy James’ ‘The Wind That Shakes The Heart’ (which was written by Jan Cyrka and James Graydon) the emotion sucks you in from the first note, just as you would expect from a brilliant ballad track. The scene is then set and from there, all 11 JTC artists continue the same trend with their own individual take on the ultimate ballad.

Any album that has brand new original tracks from the likes of Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchings, Marco Sfogli, Jack Thammarat and more should be in any guitar players collection, there is no questioning that.

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Happy Birthday Man Ray!

Man Ray - Catherine Deneuve - Jewellery

Today we’re celebrating Man Ray – the American modernist artist who was born on this day back in 1890. Man Ray is most famed for his photographic contributions to the Dada and Surrealist movements but he was also partial to a spot of jewellery design…  His designs not only reflected his “serious” art but also drew dramatic attention to the women who wore them (as you can see from this shot of Catherine Deneuve – those earrings are not for wallflowers!).

He designed most of his jewellery in the early 1970s, scouring his entire portfolio for inspiration. You can certainly see the influence that sculpture has had on his designs and although Designer Einhorn’s style isn’t quite as avant-garde as Man Rays, he has a similar approach to the way he designs jewellery – each design is like a little piece of sculpture and he pays as much attention to the back of a piece, a catch, the shape of the inside of the design, as he does the parts you can see – every detail is carefully considered.

So that’s why we wanted write about Man Ray on his birthday, to acknowledge a great photographer and a very interesting and creative artist. His work is definitely worth checking out. Happy Birthday Manny!

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The Little Angel Theatre, Islington

I have an enduring memory from childhood of being taken to a small theatre. I sat in the dark and watched a play with puppets where there was, in the plot, a mix up with two bottles. One had a red light in it and one had a green light in it. One was poisonous and one was not… It was extremely stressful to watch because none of the audience wanted the little boy to choose the poisonous one! The lights in the bottles switched, red green red… oh God don’t let the little boy choose the wrong one! I do believe that one of the characters in the play was a puppet called Joey. I’ve probably remembered this all wrong as memory does play tricks on us… but we have recently had Joey in our office and as soon as I saw him I went right back to the first play I saw at the Little Angel Theatre.

Little Angel Theatre & Stephen Einhorn Collaboration - Islington - London

My parents were very ‘arty’ and liberal and took all of us children to lots of really interesting places but the Little Angel Theatre holds the strongest memories for all of us, especially one of my sisters who was so terrified that no one could ever suggest a return visit. (It’s not a terrifying place I hasten to add but my sister  always had a really over active imagination as a child.) It’s a really magical place and has been made (due to space constraints) just the right size for children, everything is just ever so slightly smaller.

Recently we were invited to watch one of their adult performances, which was part of the Suspense festival of puppetry for adults. It was a version of ‘The Scottish Play’ Macbeth but done with all the characters as birds. Lady Macbeth was voiced by the wonderful Helen McCrory, it was beautifully done with three puppeteers for each of the main characters. After the performance we had a quick backstage tour and met some of the puppeteers. I had a go with Lady Macbeth and made her look as if she had constant chronic neck ache and one bad hand, I was not very good! I love the Little Angel Theatre and I can’t wait to take my lovely granddaughter there to experience the magic that is the Little Angel. She’s still a bit young, but soon…. So I urge you to take any small children that you know to see one of their forthcoming productions because they will never forget it.

All the history that I have with Little Angel Theatre makes our upcoming collaboration all the more exciting. I don’t want to give too much away but watch this space…

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The Amazing Minimum Monument By Néle Azevedo


I have just seen these amazing photos of sculptures by a Brazilian artist called Néle Azevedo. She made a piece called Minimum Monument, which was displayed in Chamberlain Square in Birmingham. The photos are incredible and I really wish I had been able to see it in person. She made 5,000 little ice figures to represent some of the men and women who lost their lives in the First World War.


Néle had to use a team of 20 volunteers and 10 special chest freezers that had to be plugged in near the site before installation. This is what she said about the sculpture -

“I wanted to break with the traditional characteristics of a monument. My sculptures remember people who are not remembered by other monuments.“

The photos are powerful and reflective. They give a sense of terrible sadness and comment on the impermanence of life that exists, especially during a war. Her work of art seems all the more poignant because of what is actually happening in the world right now.


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Our Precious Metal Jewellery Guide: Platinum – Rare, Tough & Beautiful

There’s a reason why record sales ‘go platinum,’ why the most exclusive credit card is a platinum card, why any premium service is a platinum service… Platinum represents the best of everything. It’s beautiful. It’s shiny. It’s tough. And it’s the rarest, most luxurious precious metals in the world.

Stephen Einhorn_Platinum Liquid Slim Ring- Mens Wedding Rings

This is an interesting fact…all of the platinum mined across the world to date would fit into an average sized living room. Think nice semi-detached, not Kensington Palace. It would not be out of place in a palace, though, given its illustrious history.

Platinum was 'discovered' in 1735 by a Spaniard, Antonio de Ulloa

Platinum was ‘discovered’ in 1735 by a Spaniard, Antonio de Ulloa, who gave it its name from the Spanish word, ‘platina’ meaning ‘little silver’ due to its colour. However, it was actually used long before that by pre-Colombian indigenous people as both jewellery – mostly in the form of rings – and small implements such as tweezers and pins. The high melting point of platinum means that specialist equipment is needed to work it, so it did not become widely used in jewellery making until the 19th Century.

Since then it has been used in some of the world’s most precious pieces including a platinum crown set with the infamous Koh-i-Nur (Mountain of Light) diamond worn by the Queen Mother during her daughter’s coronation in 1937; worn by that symbol of elegance herself, Grace Kelly, who had an engagement ring of platinum and diamond; and by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn among many others. We like to keep glamorous company at Stephen Einhorn. It is also perfect for men’s jewellery, matching well with Stephen’s modern, sleek and wearable designs.

Platinum Jewellery - Mens Rings & Cufflunks - Stephen Einhorn London

At Stephen Einhorn we offer most of our designs in this illustrious, sumptuous metal. It’s the daddy, the mummy, the matriarch of precious metals. Platinum is one of the toughest of all precious metals and has is own unique qualities, it is itself one of the rarest, toughest metals found on earth.

It has an extremely dense molecular structure making it heavy and very durable. It is approximately twice the weight of silver. When you wear platinum you can feel the weight on your finger. It is a ‘noble’ metal – in every sense. It is the least reactive metal found on earth meaning that it is remarkably resistant to corrosion and does not oxidise in fresh air (as silver does). This means that your platinum jewellery may get a little grubby and want a wash, but it does not tarnish, so is extremely easy to care for.

Not only is platinum tough and strong, it is also beautiful, making it absolutely perfect for jewellery making. The workshop love its malleability and how well it nestles round and protects precious stones, its bluish white colour perfectly complimenting a pure white diamond, deep blue sapphire or rich ruby.

Stephen Einhorn_Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring - Engagement Rings London

As an heirloom, not only will this metal continue to look as good as the day you bought it, its value only increases over long periods of time. Its a good investment as there is a finite amount in the world so worth investing in for the grandchildren. There are many practical and economic reasons to choose platinum for your piece of precious jewellery, but ultimately we know that when choosing an object like a wedding ring to wear forever, you make it with your heart, not your head. Platinum is beautifully simple and simply beautiful. Come and visit us to feel how cool it is to the touch, how heavy it is compared to other metals, and watch it shine in the daylight. It might just be love at first sight.

Most of our jewellery designs can be made in platinum (simply use the metal drop down menu on each product page) but you can also take a look at some of the men’s platinum jewellery and women’s platinum jewellery designs that we particularly love!

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The Absolutely Fantastic Boyhood


Last night we went to see the new film by Richard Linklater Boyhood. It’s absolutely fantastic and I didn’t notice that it is almost 3 hours long. It’s a project that took 12 years to make, you literally watch him grow and see all the adults around him getting older too. It’s an interesting project, especially if you are someone who has watched the 7up series of programs that were started in 1956, an incredible study of childhood by Peter Davis.

I have read several reviews of Boyhood and it seems the only negative is that it is said nothing really bad happens to the main character in the film. Well personally I think it’s quite safe to say that on average nothing really bad happens to most people during their childhoods, but I don’t think this is true of this film. In the film there is a tiny bit of bullying in a school toilet, not much to write home about but would have caused the boy stress for a few months and made his school days worrying until it had passed, all dead normal. However he does have one very troubled drunk and aggressive step father who is positively running down the road towards horrible domestic violence but his mother has the sense to leave. (It’s quite a scary episode and a lot is implied that must have been going on behind the scenes as the children are all terrified of him). I wouldn’t call that nothing much happening… perhaps the reviewer has never experienced real violence.

It’s a brilliant film because it’s entertaining and it does make you think, what more does a film have to do? Also as Painless Pete says (my dentist) ‘I love the fact that the mother in it is a real woman with big boobs and a big belly’!

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Bespoke Commission: Stephen’s Skull & Rose Wedding Ring In Silver With Green Tsavorite Eyes

This bespoke Skull wedding ring was custom made in solid silver with green tsavorite eyes. The green eyes really shine… This is a great piece, with the softness of the metal and stones juxtaposed with the scary skull and spiky thorns, fabulous! See more of Stephen’s bespoke jewellery commissions here.

Stephen Einhorn_Making of a Bespoke Silver & Green Tsavorite Skull Ring

Stephen Einhorn bespoke is exclusively offered to customers who wish to have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery created. Stephen’s bespoke work has built up an unparalleled reputation and for nearly 20 years he has been personally designing one off jewellery pieces for people seeking original design, high quality craftsmanship and the highest levels of client care.

Stephen’s bespoke service provides you with the opportunity to be involved in each step of the creation of a totally unique piece of jewellery that is designed and handmade to your personal requirements.

A Stephen Einhorn bespoke commission encompasses design, artwork, pattern making and other set up costs, as well as craftsmanship and precious materials. If you would like to talk to us about your idea for a bespoke commission, or have any questions regarding the process or costs, please contact our bespoke manager via the telephone number or email address below. If you prefer you can also arrange an appointment to come and speak to our bespoke manager in person at our London jewellery shop.

Call our bespoke manager on: +44 (0) 20 7359 4977

Email our bespoke manager at: bespoke@stepheneinhorn.co.uk.

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Secret Art

What is it about things that are done or made in secret, for no reason at all other than the joy of it, that is so appealing?

I love this project by two students at Columbus college of Art and design. They sneak into a classroom and do an amazing drawing with a quote from a famous person in chalk. I like the quotes as well, they all seem to be saying the same thing… get out there do it, don’t let anything hold you back… if you want to create something or be someone just get on with it.

Blackboard Secret Classroom Artists - Columbus College of Art & Design

What is obvious straight away is that they have created a platform for themselves and an audience as well. Very clever and very entrepreneurial. I like this attitude to ‘doing’ things, to finding an audience. If you can’t find an outlet take it to the people, people!

If Banksy hadn’t done that would anyone have heard of him? If these students hadn’t started this project they too probably would only have a college portfolio to show at the end of their degrees, and would certainly not have had so much public attention, especially from social media.

I feel sure that they have opened up other avenues for themselves now, do they have a book deal yet? Probably. It’s clever, simple and very entertaining. They have skills and they are using them, I love this attitude it’s really interesting… come on surprise us again!

Here is another secret artist, a nanny from the 1950′s called Vivian Maier. This artist is different because she didn’t show her work to anyone, and probably didn’t consider herself to be an artist, her work wasn’t found by anyone until after her death and even then the way it was discovered was quite random.

Vivian Maier Artist

In this short film all the people who are talking about her give the impression that they feel somehow betrayed because they didn’t know or understand why she took all those photos. Interesting… do you think it’s because nowadays we understand self promotion really well but doing something for the sheer love of it, or the drive of the thing, the wish to create art simply for your own pleasure is harder to comprehend? Interestingly people who do this are considered selfish. Why?

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Our London: The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time


Last Friday we went to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I had heard good things about it, which had weirdly put me off! You know how it is when people rave about something; by the time you get to see it it’s always a bit disappointing. Not so with this production.

The design is really wonderful and imaginative and also very exciting. I had read the book and really couldn’t see how it could be turned into a play in the first place as so much of it is about what goes on inside the head of a boy with Autism. It’s fantastic. The acting, especially the lead role played by Graham Butler was superb. I urge you to go and see this because I guarantee that you haven’t seen a production as good as this for a long time… (sorry now I’ve spoilt it for you!)


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July Birthstone Jewellery – Ruby

Ruby july birthstone jewellery Stephen Einhorn LondonThe July birthstone is ruby. Like a drop of blood. Very romantic… Rubies are very hard precious stones, therefore very durable – made to stand the test of time. A ruby is a good choice for an heirloom piece. Very red rubies are hard to source and as we do not source stones from Burma our rubies are usually slightly pinker in colour. However if you are looking for a blood red ruby we will search night and day until we find your perfect but also ethically sourced stone. This matters to us and we hope it matters to you.

Stephen Einhorn’s ruby birthstone jewellery designs are all handmade in solid yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and silver right here in our London workshops. Not a single design is plated and each piece can be made in a variety of carats, including 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold. Luxury jewellery at its best, each piece is expertly crafted with love and the utmost attention to detail.

You can shop Stephen Einhorn’s ruby July birthstone collection here online, or you can visit us at our London jewellery shop on Upper Street, Angel, Islington, N1. We’d love to see you… and don’t forget we are one of the few British companies left who make everything on site. We can alter, we can revamp, we can service, and generally look after your Stephen Einhorn jewellery. We pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer care and aftercare; with us it’s a lifelong relationship.

If you’re shopping for July birthstone jewellery gifts online and require a little help with your search for the perfect piece, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us at shop@stepheneinhorn.co.uk. Our expert jewellery advisers have years of experience and will be able to demystify the wonderful world of luxury jewellery.

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