What Is A Pear Cut – Our Fine Jewellery Guide

Like its cousin, the Trilliant cut, the Pear cut shares elements of the Brilliant cut, meaning that is has all of the advantages of this classic round cut, but with an interesting twist: one pointed end of a Marquise cut. As its fruity name suggests, the cut gets its name from its distinctive, and rather luscious, shape. Just as a perfectly ripe pear is just asking to be bitten into, this cut is beguilingly tactile and needs to be touched and admired from all angles to really appreciate its qualities.

What Is A Pear Cut Diamond & Stone - Stephen Einhorn Jewellery London

The pear, or teardrop, was developed in the 1400s by Flemish cutter Lodewyk van Berquem, himself inventor of the diamond polishing wheel. This newly developed tool allowed van Berquem to perfect the arrangement of facets and symmetry, achieving the height to depth ratio that gives the Pear the fire, scintillation and brilliance of an ideal brilliant cut stone. As with the Marquise and Oval cuts, the Pear cut can suffer from a ‘bow tie’ effect when light refracting through the centre of the stone casts a shadow across the facets. In the hands of the most skilful cutter this effect is barely noticeable, and thus is a good measure of the highest quality stones.

69 carat Taylor-Burton Pear Cut Diamond - Richard Burton in 1969 - Elizabeth Taylor.

Since it was created, the Pear cut diamond has had a long and illustrious history. Its unique shape, rounded at one end and pointed at the other means that cutters have been able to fashion unusually large, flawless stones. One such stone is the infamous 69 carat Taylor-Burton diamond purchased by Richard Burton in 1969 during his tempestuous relationship with that ultimate bastion of Hollywood glamour, Elizabeth Taylor. Such was the fascination with this stone that it was put on public display before being flown to its new owners, during which time 6000 people a day queued just to get a glimpse of its dazzling curves. Another famous beauty is the staggering 503.20 carat diamond, Cullinan I, adorning the Imperial Sceptre of the Crown Jewels.

Trinity Pear Shaped Diamond & Emerald Engagement Rings - Stephen Einhorn London

But you don’t need to be a film star or a queen to own one of these fabulous stones. The clean classic lines of this cut means it is as well suited to a ruby or sapphire as it is to a diamond, and the shape makes it a perfect accompaniment to other cuts of stone, complementing and contrasting with them.

Stephen’s new Trinity collection marries the ‘round with the tear’, adding two Pear cut stones into his beautiful elegant settings, alongside a central Brilliant cut. It is a classic signature design: modern yet with a nod to the historical; very wearable but uniquely eye-catching. And after all isn’t that what you really want in a piece of fine jewellery? Something oh so easy on the eye… and to fall in love with.

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A Loving Farewell To Otto Our Dachshund Charm Model

This is a wonderful picture of Otto who very kindly modelled our new Dachshund charm. Love this photo of him patiently accepting a lotta love. He is very squeezable! This is his owners daughter soon to go off to University wearing a lovely delicate small heart bracelet which she received as a graduation gift. Otto will miss those kisses that’s for sure. We would like to wish Robin lots of luck at University…. don’t work too hard…

Stephen-Einhorn-Dog-Charms_Customer-Photos - London Jewellery

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One Of Our Cockapoo Charm Competition Winners

This is one of the lucky winners of our new Cockapoo charm! (Well the owner of this adorable little dog was the real winner…) What a looker, so utterly cuddly and lovely we all fell in love! I think this little ball of delight goes very well with our bags too, don’t you think?

Stephen Einhorn Cockapoo Charm Competition Winner - London Jeweller

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Win Our New French Bulldog, Dachshund & Cockapoo Charms

Win Stephen Einhorn Dog Charms - French Bulldog, Dachshund & Cockapoo - London

To celebrate National Dog Day (26th Aug) and the launch of our new dog charms we’re giving you the chance to win our fab French Bulldog, Dachshund and Cockapoo charms.

To be in with a chance to win simply head to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

We’ll be picking the lucky winners on Monday 4th September.

National Dog Day celebrates all breeds, pure and mixed and serves to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, either from public shelters, rescues and pure breed rescues. National Dog Day honors family dogs and dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.

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The Story Of Our Rings & Our Customer’s Stunning Magpie Tattoo

This customer you see below, came in to buy two wedding rings.  Adding all the symbolism of shared experiences that they could within their rings, this is what we did for them. We used metals and stones to remind them of their shared experiences.  Then boom! He came in and showed us the most beautiful tattoo on his arm that he had had which included our rings. Flattered? Err yes, wouldn’t you be? Read the wonderful story behind the tattoo below…

Stephen Einhorn Magie and Rings Tattoo - London JewelleryWe were looking for something that symbolised our relationship, our love of travel, and the history of how we got together.  We got engaged in Halong Bay, in Vietnam, and both grew up by the North Sea and love the ocean. The blue tourmaline in Caroline’s engagement ring was sourced by Stephen Einhorn to match the colour of the sea in Halong Bay, with the rose gold being close to the colour of the beaches in the Maldives and Caribbean where we dive. When it catches the light the sparkle is like the sun on the waves… Michael’s wedding band was inspired by an engineering background. The two strong titanium bands wrap the softer rose gold – a reference to two periods in our joint lives – and the gold rivets holding the whole together. As well as the choice of rings, we chose Stephen Einhorn as we wanted something local because Islington means a lot to us, and we got married in the Town Hall.  We asked local artist James at Inklectic, Blackstock Road, to bring together the birds and the rings. So why Magpies? – amongst other things, the memory of our youth in Newcastle and lifelong memories of “that” rhyme…!

Michael and Caroline

Rings - Halo 5 Ring in 9 Carat Rose Gold & Brilliant Cut Blue Tourmaline and Metal Geo Elipse Wide Ring, 9 Carat Rose Gold 

Tattoo - James King  www.inklectictattoos.com.

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Lovely Gay Couple Matt & James Visit Stephen Einhorn To Choose Their Wedding Rings

We are very excited for Matt and James… and will definitely be watching their ceremony which will be streamed ‘live’ – it’s going to be fabulous, it will be just like watching the moon landing! Have a look at this lovely video (made by Gay Star News) of when they came into our London jewellery shop to choose their civil partnership rings. We are honoured that they chose us, and are delighted to make their special rings.

Shop Stephen Einhorn’s Gay & Lesbian Wedding & Commitment Jewellery Collection here online.


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Stephen Einhorn Jewellery in The xx’s ‘I Dare You’ Video

We’re loving The xx’s new video for ‘I Dare You’ featuring Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown, Moonlight actor Ashton Sanders, models Lulu and Ernesto Cervantes, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson and some of our lovely jewellery designs! The video is The xx’s love letter to Los Angeles, the city where they wrote and recorded parts of their recent album ‘I See You’.

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Pride in London!

My lovely little granddaughter who is 4 has still not realised that a lot of her friends have a different skin colour to her. She simply accepts them as friends or not, in the same way that she either likes or dislikes them. And they accept her in the same way. Racism is taught, it is not a natural state which you are born with.

Exactly the same thing can be said about any other difference between people. Prejudice towards anyone who is LGBTIQA or different in any other way is taught, it is not a natural state. To me this is a most depressing fact. It should be that you take everyone at face value. You either get on or you don’t, you like each other or you don’t, not because you are from a different ethnic background or you have a different sexual orientation.

Stephen Einhorn Gay and Lesbian Commitment Pride In London

Oh well I’m talking from a view point of wanting to live in a Utopia and of course we all have to live in the real world.

From the aftermath of The Stonewall riots in June 1960 to the very first Pride on June 28th 1970 LGBTIQA  people are still having to fight for their rights. A lot has changed but not enough, and definitely not enough in some parts of the world where the prejudice will literally kill you and people live in fear of their lives simply because they are different.

We have always thought it was a ridiculous thing to discriminate against anyone for their sexuality and we have been waiting for a lot of the world to catch up with us and stop being so prejudiced… so until that time we want all our LGBTIQA customer’s to feel very welcome. This is why we created our gay and lesbian wedding and commitment section of our website over 20 year ago and have recently made it even bigger and better.

What a world we live in, we need to do all we can to make it better and that starts with education which in turn leads to acceptance.

So let us all stand together tomorrow and have some fun and support all our brothers and sisters and fellow human beings at Pride in London.


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Our Customer’s Romantic Proposal To His Unsuspecting Boyfriend

This was written by one of our lovely customers. It’s a very heart felt and romantic description of how he proposed to his boyfriend and it’s so well written we have decided to simply post the unedited version. The sheer attention to detail is amazing! Congratulations from us.

Romantic Gay Couple Proposal - Stephen Einhorn Engagement Rings London

Having decided that I was going to propose to Thomas, it suddenly dawned on me that I needed to decide on where, when and how to do it. Like everyone, I wanted it to be special and memorable but I also wanted it to be unique and all about him and us. I stuck to some traditions (asking his parents in person for their permission), was unsure about others (do I get down on 1 knee with a ring? Would he want to wear a ring?) and threw others out the window altogether (candlelit restaurant, hiding a ring in his dessert etc.). My plan rapidly developed into something quite elaborate involving family and friends, which would mean everyone having to keep the secret for about 3 months; it was risky but if I (and everyone involved) could pull it off then I knew that Thomas would be blown away, completely surprised and that it would convey my absolute love for him.

Having decided on a date, one far enough in advance that I knew the majority of family and friends would be available but also far enough in advance that it gave me time to pull the plan together, I let everyone in on the secret whilst simultaneously threatening to strangle them with their own shoelaces if any of them accidentally let the secret out the bag.

Our Customer's Romantic Proposal To His Unsuspecting Boyfriend - Stephen Einhorn Engagement Rings London

I wanted our family and friends to be there on the day as they are hugely important to us both and I thought it would be fantastic to be able to celebrate with everyone straight after proposing, whilst we were both caught up in the emotion, but don’t worry I wasn’t insane enough to be planning on proposing in front of them all. I also asked our family and friends to record a short video message for Thomas which I would then compile together into a video to use on the day; I wanted the messages to remind Thomas how incredible and special he is and how much everyone loves him.

Gay Marriage Proposal -  Men's Engagement Ring by Stephen Einhorn London

The video was just one part of the overall elaborate plan and having weaved a web of “lies” for nearly 3 months, the day final arrived. I successfully managed to lure an unsuspecting Thomas to the restaurant in the National Portrait Gallery in central London, thinking that I’d been running errands all morning and that I’d planned a romantic afternoon for the 2 of us.

However, rather than me meeting him at the restaurant, my sister and nephew walked in and handed him my laptop. Thomas was very confused by their arrival but I’d placed a tag on the laptop telling him to open the lid and play the video. The video begins with me reminiscing about our time together and a selection of photos from all of the amazing things that we have done over the last 7 years; he has since told me that at this stage he still isn’t sure what’s happening.

The video then moves on to the video clips from our family and friends from all around the world, everyone sending messages of love and slowly the penny drops as to what I’m really up to. The final part of the video is a message from me saying that I have 2 questions to ask him; first I ask if he remembers where we met up at the start of our first date and then the second question I tell him that I want to ask it in person, so he should come and meet me where we met for that first date.

Our Customer's Stephen Einhorn Proposal - Gay Engagement Rings London

It was pretty obvious what that question was going to be and by now his emotions were pretty high. To add to those emotions, as he leaves the restaurant he is greeted by our family and friends, who I have left in small groups in strategic locations throughout the gallery to help guide him back to the exit and point him in the direction to come to where I was waiting.

It was a short walk (actually he ran!) up the road to where I was waiting and the rest, as they say, is history.

During the planning, I had decided to organise a photographer for the afternoon and she was hiding in the wings, discreetly capturing the moment that I proposed. After catching our breathe and a few posed photos, we headed back to the restaurant to celebrate with our family and friends.

As you can see from the photos, I did decide that I liked the tradition of getting down on 1 knee and proposing with a ring.  Given that neither of us wear any jewellery, I had been uncertain whether Thomas would want to wear an engagement ring; I knew that if he did that he wouldn’t want anything garish. After entering a few choice words into the Google search window, the first image to pop up was of Stephen Einhorn’s Geo Elipse ring. Instantly I knew that this was “the ring” and my uncertainty was instantly dispelled (no exaggeration).

Stephen Einhorn Metal Geo Ring in Palladium - Mens Engagement Rings London

I liked the look and style of the ring; it’s classical yet stylish and modern and the 3 bands and riveted construction tell a story about union and all without a hint of garishness. Next time I was in central London, I popped up to the shop in Islington and was even more impressed seeing the ring in person. Alice guided me through the various options and choices and explained their policy on exchanging the ring if I had originally ordered the incorrect size (which most people don’t because very few people know their partner’s ring size). I was tempted to place my order on the spot but thought it wise to look at some other rings first. Despite looking in many jewellers’ windows, I didn’t see a single other ring that I wanted to look at in person and a few days later I was on the phone to Alice placing my order for the slim Geo Elipse ring in Palladium.

Photographs of the couple were taken by photographer Helen Armstrong.

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Perennial Jewellery Favourites – Men’s Pendants & Necklaces

Stephen Einhorn’s men’s pendants and necklaces are a thing of beauty and may even be pinched by your partner should you be foolish enough to leave one lying around… Jazz up a spring shirt with a lovely Inlaid Signet pendant necklace in gold and lapis. Or add a subtle touch of cool to your look with our sleek and sculptural  Arrowhead pendant.

Stephen Einhorn Arrowhead Collection_Large Arrowhead Leather Necklace Black and yellow gold

There are many different styles and shapes to suite a variety of tastes, including our gold pendants on leather. And we can make our necklaces to any length in any style, you just have to ask.

Stylish men’s pendants and necklaces are a perennial favourite here at Stephen Einhorn. They are the ultimate in casual luxury. Stephen has always been outside the establishment, the establishment don’t want him, he’s too innovative too modern and simply too good at what he makes. He has built up a considerable following of people who understand the quality and aesthetic of what he does. So give yourself a treat and have a look at what could be yours…

Our Anchor pendant can be bought on its own, on a chain or on leather cord. Leather  gives a pendant a very different look, still luxurious but with a slightly more casual feel… Leather jewellery is a bit like Marmite, you either like it or you don’t!

Stephen Einhorn Men's Block Pendant Necklace

Our Block pendant necklace (seen above) is a classic Stephen Einhorn style, solid, smooth, and easily customisable… add engraving, enamel or have some stones set in it?

Stephen Einhorn Skull and Crossbones Leather Pendant Necklace

A new addition to our men’s jewellery collection is our larger Skull and Crossbones pendant. Our Skull and Crossbones was one of the first designs Stephen made and you could definitely say it is one of his favourite designs. This too is available on a chain or leather and if you want a slightly longer length do let us know and we can make it for you.

Stephen Einhorn Thames wood Pebble Necklace in yellow Gold

Our lovely touchy feely smooth pebble pendant in the larger size is made with our exclusive 2000- Year- Old Thames Wood. If you would like to find out more about this amazing material please go to the Thames Wood section of our website. Hang a bit of history around your neck!

View more of our men’s pendant and necklaces.

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