Baby ID Bracelet…Breaking news!

Stephen Einhorn Baby ID Bracelet On Super Cute Baby
Lord Einhorn has become a great Uncle! I know it doesn’t seem possible……with his flowing grey curls etc but I’m afraid it’s true!  This is George Tomas, recently born and very very cute. Our latest model for the rather lovely Stephen Einhorn Baby ID bracelet. This has been lovingly engraved by our very own skilled craftsmen just for him. We know that little George will be the envy of all his peers when he is eventually able to use a playground! Not only that but as the dear little chap grows we will be able to add to the length of the bracelet so that even when he becomes a man and he is pumping iron in the gym, or in his judges robes, he can still wear it! We are now proud Great Uncle and (still really glamorous obviously…) Great Aunt!  We want his parents to bring him round so that we can all give him a good cuddling but unfortunately for us, George Tomas lives in Cyprus…boooo!

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