CJ Einhorn & I Can’t Wait To See Compass

Last June CJ Einhorn (celebrity jeweller) and I sauntered down the road to the Sadler’s Wells theatre to see a wonderful community show called ‘Sum of Parts’ it was by far the most interesting and exciting thing we had seen in quite a while (Einhorn needs constant stimulation) and we do manage to get out quite a bit.

We are extremely excited to have found out that there is another of these shows on 23rd April. It’s called ‘Compass’ and yet again pulls in different people from the rich community in which we are all fortunate enough to live.

Jane Hackett the artistic director for ‘Sum of Parts’ is also the artistic director for this production and she seems to have pulled together another really exciting show, including two choreographers from the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch company. (Exciting also because we have actually heard of them, dance not being our usually preferred art form. Although Einhorn does appreciate a neatly turned calf that is also quite springy). We have our tickets and we hope that some of you will join us for what I’m sure will be as exciting a show as last years.

Talking of shows we managed to slip away over this bank holiday weekend, one reason being we never open our London showroom on Bank Holidays. We went to see ‘The Most Incredible Thing’, at Saddlers wells, music by the Pet Shop Boys and what a very dreary boring show that was! Some of the dancing was amazing, the two leads I thought were really good, but oh-my-god! I felt quite sorry for them all having to do something with the score.

If a music student had approached Sadler’s Wells and said he or she had written a little something based on a Hans Christian Anderson story and some music for a ballet, after one hearing he would have been laughed out of the theatre. He or she certainly wouldn’t have been given squillions of pounds to put on the show, with 18 musicians. To be fair the staging was quite nice, but I’m trying to be kind…the finale was a damp digestive in a luke warm cup of tea…really disappointing and being disappointed by something that has had loads of money spent on it, is well, really not great.

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