Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween - Stephen Einhorn London Jewellery

Our very own Tushar (well only figuratively speaking, he’s not really ours I mean you can’t actually own someone…..) took his family to the Chiswick House and Gardens family pumpkin picnic party last Sunday. It was a wonderful day culminating in a pumpkin carving competition. There were 200 entries and all the pumpkins had to be displayed in the gardens where all the real pumpkins’ were growing. In the evening all the pumpkins were lit up with candles, it must have looked really magical. And guess what? Tushar won! His pumpkin design was inspired and creative, and we think TOTALLY BRILLIANT!  Now you can see why he is design assistant to Master Einhorn, who is also quite fond of pumpkins – so much so you’ll find a slightly harder Cinderella’s Pumpkin Fairytale charm in our charm collection. Congrats Tushar…

Our Tushar with the winning pumpkin - Stephen Einhorn Jewellery London


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