Leather Jewellery.

Leather jewellery is becoming more and more popular. We find it fly’s out of our London showroom. The appeal seems to be that it combines something extremely precious with something that is synonymous with toughness, masculinity, and wearability. That is not to exclude the ladies of course because us ladies like toughness and wearability too. Leather jewellery is fantastic for making a statement. It looks modern, contemporary and cool.
It appears that some men look on leather jewellery as being more wearable in an everyday setting.

Our Men’s Anchor leather wrist bracelet

Throughout history the wearing of jewellery has been about status. The more land you had the more jewellery you wore. If you were a Viking, you might wear your savings on your arms as silver amulets and beads. When you went shopping you could use a bit of jewellery for your purchases. Nowadays, except on rare occasions people tend not to want to shout about their wealth ( Kim Kardashian being one of the exceptions)  people generally like to be a bit more discreet about what they are worth. For this reason its now very hard to  look at someone and calculate their net worth. Often the richest people look very low key indeed.

The making of our Leather Snap bracelet 

Leather jewellery is a great compromise between these two worlds. We know that our customers like to pair gold with leather. Its a great contrast between the two worlds of expensive jewellery and a more urban style  and at the same time this type of look is very popular.

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