Let’s Get Juicy!

When Designer Von Einhorn claps his hands with glee and says his ‘creative juices are flowing’ it always conjurs up a picture for me of a lot of unwanted body moisture and unsavory vest and pants! (I know it’s not a great image). This is actually a well known expression as I’m sure you all know. So what does it mean? And why oh why can’t we simply buy it in a bottle like the picture suggests?

Designer Einhorn's Creative Juices

Creative people are often pray to a drying of the creative juices or a ‘creative block’. When this happens with Von Einhorn we have a ‘bring something interesting to work’ meeting, and everyone tries to bring something that they think will inspire Einhorn’s juices to flow. We’ve had some very interesting objects, fascinating rock structures, unusual flowers, an old piece of crockery, and probably the most left field of all, our accounts managers mother who simply sat in the corner and sulked, well who could blame her? Frankly we had as little idea as to why he brought her in as she did, and she certainly wasn’t that inspiring! So when the creative juices don’t flow we all rally round and in the end they slowly start to trickle and then simply gush out and more delightful creations are once more designed for your delight.

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