Our London Jewellery Workshop Spring Clean…

A few snaps to show how worthy we are sometimes… all got down and dirty (well actually that’s not true as quite a few people suddenly ‘went missing’ as we attempted to spring clean part of our London jewellery workshop. Lord Einhorn likes his nails, screws and pieces of metal, wood, plastic etc – all have to be wrenched from his hands as his hoarding has become a nightmare! Left to his own devices we would be all be living under mounds of reclaimed objects. We made a promising start… let’s hope we can finish sometime this year! More workshops renovations are coming soon as we need additional space, so yet again I’m afraid we’ll have to divert Einhorns attention whist we carefully chuck (and naturally I don’t actually mean chuck I mean recycle) all the useless stuff out, ‘look over DE there!

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