Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green Rovers are possibly the most interesting football club in the UK, maybe in the world ( A large statement and I know nothing about football!). They have just been added to the English Football League for the first time in history but that is not the most unusual thing about them.

Owner Dale Vince is going to build an ECO park to house the teams football stadium, and in 2012 the club won a Green Award for their pitch The New Lawn, which is chemical free, fertilised with cow dung and mown by lawn mowers powered by solar panels.

The surface was criticised by their former manager, so now he has gone and the current boss Mark Cooper is obviously on board. If you have a vision you can’t let others hold you back.

Fans visiting The League Two club, The New Lawn will only be offered a Vegan menu and the players have to agree to not eat red meat, which is also taken into consideration when choosing new players. Altogether totally visionary and no doubt if you suggested it to anyone other football managers they would laugh at you. Dale Vince is obviously a very forward thinking man, we love it!


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Focus On Bespoke Jewellery

At Stephen Einhorn we specialise in bespoke jewellery, we like to make your jewellery dreams come true….

Stephen Einhorn Bespoke Jewellery London - Men's & Women's Custom Made Jewellery

What is bespoke? Well it’s being able to have whatever you like made, a totally unique piece designed and custom made exclusively for you. You know that feeling when you get an idea into your head of something that you think will look really good on you but you can’t find exactly what you want? You want a ring in a specific style with a certain stone… you saw it in a book or on someone or in a film. It would be perfect as a wedding ring, engagement ring or just make you look rather fabulous.

The Making Of Stephen Einhorn Bespok Ring Handmade in 18 Carat Yellow Gold with Ruby and Diamonds

Here is the situation… You go into a jewellers and ask for what you would like, but the answer is ‘no, sorry, we have nothing like that here’ there is then a lot of head shaking and sighing, and a bit of.. ‘Oh you won’t be able to find that anywhere’.

Well hold your horses because we can do it, whatever you would like, in any metal and with any stone. We specialise in making customised jewellery – we’ve been doing it for over 20 years, right here in our London workshop.  Everything we do is in-house, so you know your London bespoke jewellery is of the highest quality,  handmade by our incredibly highly skilled jewellers. We also can make your design in Fair-Trade Gold, on request.

The making of your Stephen Einhorn Bespoke Speedline Pendant - London Jewellery
The process of bespoke is a simple one… You describe to us what you would like,  give us any kind of picture reference however rough and then we talk it through with you, discussing what metals you would like and if you want your piece to incorporate enamel, diamonds, sapphires or our 2000-Year-Old Thames wood?

Stephen Einhorn London Jewellery Workshop - Bespoke Men's & Women's

We then give you a quote for your design and you pay a 50% deposit. After this we get to work creating your artwork for your bespoke piece. We email you at this point so that if you want something changed we can do this for you. After you have signed off the artwork either in person or by email we get to work making your bespoke design. If it’s a ring which is to be set, we will get you in to try it on so that we can get the size right before it is set. After this we will set the piece finishing it for you and, voila! A personalised bespoke piece that is all yours!

Be inspired by some more of our bespoke jewellery commissions.


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Quality & Ethical Diamonds

Bespoke Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum & 2ct Brilliant Cut Diamond With Diamond Shoulders - Stephen Einhorn London

Diamonds are forever, sang Shirley Bassey. She wasn’t wrong. Diamonds, as the toughest mineral known to humans, will last a lifetime, becoming heirlooms of the future. They carry a rich and illustrious history and nothing shines and sparkles quite like a diamond, the play of fire and colour can catch your eye from across a room, giving them a truly unparalleled beauty. The name diamond derives from the Greek for invisible or untamed. Very apt for this wildly enigmatic stone.

Diamonds have long been prized, with mentions of them throughout history. They were referenced by the Roman poet Pliny, and may have been being traded in India as far back as the 4th century BC. Alluvial diamonds in India – those gathered on the surface of the earth from rivers and streams were among the first to be recognised as objects of desire and traded globally. Since then deposits of diamonds have been discovered across the  world from central Africa and America to Russia and Canada.

Diamond is made from carbon, slowly created at high temperatures and pressures deep within the earth’s crust. Diamonds take between 1 billion and 3.3 billion years to form, meaning that some are almost as old as the earth itself.

Small diamonds began appearing in European jewellery around the 13th century and had become more commonplace by the 16th as mining and cutting techniques improved. Trade routes also improved and the sale and movement of diamonds increased, with cutting centres being established in Venice and then Antwerp – still a renowned cutting centre today.

Stephen Einhorn Diamonds - Ethical & Quality - London

Our diamonds are sourced from reputable diamond dealers who we have worked with you numerous years and each one is hand-selected  by our jewellers, ensuring we get the best cuts and quality.

By the 19th century diamonds could be found in the jewellery gracing the necks and hands of most royalty, and were associated with the opulence of the aristocracy. During the 1870′s large deposits of diamonds were discovered in South Africa. Combined with the sale of the French Crown Jewels, diamonds were suddenly more commercially available and started appearing more and more in fine jewellery.

Stephen Einhorn Oval Halo Ring Platinum and Diamond - Ethical Diamond Engagement Rings - London

Due to the diamond’s durability, they are ten on the MOHs scale, they are the mineral against which all other minerals are measured. They are used as drill bits for engraving and as polishing tools, and in fact alongside lasers, it is a diamond tool which is used to cut and shape a diamond. The advancement of technology means that the style of cuts has evolved over time, resulting in complex modern shapes which best refract light and dazzle the wearer. The classic cuts, however, such as the emerald or rose,  are often found in antique jewellery and have a different, pure quality to them. When it comes to diamonds there really is something for every taste and style.

Stephen Einhorn Halo Cushions Cluster Ring Rose Gold and Diamond - Engagement Rings London

Set in an engagement ring a diamond will catch the light like no other stone, it can be set in rich rose, white or yellow gold, or cool platinum. Diamonds are incredibly versatile and the range of styles and shapes they come in, and the pieces they can be fashioned into is limited only by the designer’s creativity. Stephen Einhorn uses diamonds across his collection of classic and contemporary designs, weaving them into his more ornate pieces and showcasing their brilliance in his bold, modern designs.

As a company we are particularly concerned about where our materials come from, especially diamonds and we refuse to use conflict diamonds which are inexorably linked with human rights abuses and conflict in many parts of the world. Our diamonds and gemstones all come from reputable dealers who we have been working with for many years and we can also source Canadian diamonds on request.

See a collection of our diamond engagement rings here.

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Unisex: Our Genderless Jewellery Edit For You.

Transcending the idea of men’s and women’s jewellery, we are synonymous with contemporary modern style, irrespective of gender.

Unisex, or in other words a non gender specific style. This can be a bit confusing because quite often its the way you wear any style that makes it personal to you whatever sex you happen to be. A man can wear a very feminine style engagement ring and make it look perfect for him, a women can wear a more masculine style and it looks stunning on her. We have sold many such rings to men and women and they all looked fantastic!

But for the sake of argument we have made some styles that fit this Unisex category perfectly. We want everyone to feel comfortable with their choice.

We make jewellery for anyone and everyone. Whatever you would like we can make. However, to get you started and to try and give you a bit of inspiration here are a few styles to wet your appetite. We also make bespoke unisex jewellery too so if you want something totally unique all you have to do is contact us and we will make it for you.

Our Enamel Geo Elipse Ring 9 Carat Rose Gold & Black Enamel, would look stunning on anyone:

And the necklaces and pendants in our Arrowhead collection too…

Our Curved Air Cord Bracelet in 9 Carat Yellow Gold & Black Cord, would be a subtle but luxurious addition to any wrist and doesn’t scream…Man! Woman! Its says hmmmmm stylish!

In our bespoke section we some stunning examples of  previous bespoke jewellery including the Bespoke Engraved Pendant in 18ct Yellow Gold, 14ct White Gold, Diamond & Ruby

These are our slim Geo rings,with stunning 18 Carat Yellow Gold & Diamonds, sumptuous!

So take your pick, express yourself in any way you see fit and we will help you.

Our full unisex range is  available to view here:

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How To Buy An Engagement Ring & Enjoy Yourself

The Proposal

You’ve made the decision, you’re going to do it, it’s exciting isn’t it! You know where you will propose, but what will you propose with? You don’t have a ring? Then let us help.
Whatever the design you choose, it’s personal to you. It’s a ring for better or for worse… But mostly, it’s an intention. A beautiful, lifelong intention to love.

Some of our customer’s lovely proposal photos…

How To Buy An Engagement Ring - Stephen Einhorn Customer Proposals

 So, getting the perfect ring is important, right?

Here is the good news: at Stephen Einhorn it’s pretty impossible to get it wrong because we are here to advise. We are extremely experienced in making and selling engagement rings. So relax, sit back, have a cup of tea or something a little stronger, and we will take you through the few vital steps for getting that perfect piece of jewellery on that perfect finger.

Stephen Einhorn Unique Engagment Rings - London Jewellery Designer

An engagement ring is about beauty, not money

That is very important to bear in mind, we will not sell you a really expensive ring that you can’t afford, that’s not our ethos. There have been several conventions discussed over the years about how much you should spend on a ring…. A month’s salary, four months, a year?  We do not believe that buying a piece of jewellery should be a source of stress and anxiety. Whatever your budget, you can find something truly beautiful to be treasured for a lifetime. Blow the budget by all means, but only do it with a happy heart.

How To Buy An Engagement Rings - Stephen Einhorn Engagment Rings Oval Halo Blue Sapphire - London

What if I don’t know their ring size?

Don’t worry you do not need to know the ring size. Every ring that you buy here in our London shop is custom-made. This means that if you’re buying a ring on spec and it doesn’t fit you can simply bring it back unworn and we will exchange it for a brand new one, that we have made specially, that fits like the proverbial glove.

What style engagement ring is best?

If you are not sure what style your loved one would like here are a few pointers:

1. Does your intended wear a lot of jewellery which the ring needs to compliment? If they do is it cool or warm toned jewellery? Platinum? Rose gold? Yellow gold?

2. What is their style like? Do they wear modern asymmetric skirts or tea dresses? Do they like vintage or modern styles? Plain simple stylish clothes or are they more decorative in their choices? Sharp suits or jeans and jumpers? Do they like contemporary designs, or something more classic?

3. And of course, have any large hints ever been dropped as to what they want? Do they have a favourite colour or gemstone. Do they like geometric, circular shapes, or patterns?

Knowing the answers will help you to narrow your choices down, and will aid our expert sales assistants in their consultations with you. Last but not least it’s also about your taste as well, after all your intended will be very flattered with the style that you have chosen for them.

How To Buy An Engagement Ring - Stephen Einhorn Engagment Rings  - London Shop

Once you’ve popped the question with the engagement ring of your choice, if it’s not the right size, bring your intended in to see us and we will hand you both a glass of bubbly before sizing their finger. We then get you back in for a fitting before the stone is set to make sure your new heirloom fits like a glove. It is an exciting process to be a part of and means that every ring is made to fit the wearer perfectly.

When you buy a ring from us you don’t need to get hung up on whether the ring is the right size or not it really doesn’t matter. If you don’t want your future partner to guess what you’re up to you can guess the size, it’s really the style of ring that’s more important and of course the actual proposal itself.

What precious stone should I choose?

A diamond is a classic and traditional choice, for versatility, it can’t be beaten. They go with everything, it is the toughest stone in existence, and it comes in a huge variety of shapes. If you do choose a diamond you will have to decide on your preferred cut, colour, clarity and carat, all of which our expert assistants can help you with.

If you’d prefer a coloured gemstone, the precious gemstone world is your oyster. Black diamonds, emeralds, black, blue and other hued sapphires, rubies, tsavorites, tanzanites… really you just need to select a colour. Don’t be pressured into choosing a stone because you feel you should. You just need to choose one you love!

How To Buy An Engagement Rings - Picking The Stone - Stephen Einhorn Engagment Rings London

Confused by all the precious metal options?

Here, too, there are a wide variety of options and it is important to choose not only what you love, but what suits your soon-to-be-fiancées skin tone. Here at Stephen Einhorn we love each metal for its unique look and qualities. The cool blue of platinum, the radiance of yellow gold, the creamy richness of white gold, the warmth of rose gold. Whatever stone you have chosen, you can complement or contrast with the metal and choose the carat to suit your budget.

How To Choose An Engagement Ring - Stephen Einhorn Engagemet Rings - Precious Metals

What style should I go for?

Apart from the fine craftsmanship, honest advice and high quality materials, people come to Stephen Einhorn for our designs. Whether it’s for clean modern geometric lines, classical shapes or Stephen’s signature open settings, we have something for everyone. Every piece can be further customised with engraving or personalised to your exact specifications by our expert jewellers.

How To Buy An Engagement Ring - Stephen Einhorn Men's Engagment Rings - London Jeweller

Our bespoke engagement ring service

You can also go down the bespoke route and have something uniquely designed for you by Stephen, but it’s a good idea to involve both partners in this process – designing a bespoke engagement ring for another person can be tricky! Find out more about our bespoke service here.

How To Buy An Engagement Ring - Bespoke Engagement Rings - Stephen Einhorn London

Enjoy yourself! This is an exciting purchase savour it…

How To Buy An Engagement Ring - A Stephen Einhorn Gay Proposal - LGBT

But what if I live outside London or overseas?

If you don’t live near London and so can’t pop into our shop to see us, fear not! Call us and we will talk you through all your options and help you guess the initial size.

View Stephen Einhorn’s engagement ring collection here online


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The History & The Enduring Style of Signet Rings

The signet ring is named after the French signét for ‘small seal’ and the Latin signetum meaning ‘sign.’ Signet rings have been used throughout history to create a signature for the wearer, impressing a seal into wax or clay and leaving a unique mark that was considered binding. If a gentleman’s word is his bond, the signet proved the authenticity of that bond, and it looked damn fine doing it.

The use of signet rings dates back at least as far as ancient Egypt and can be seen from their discovery in some prominent tombs, also in Mesopotamia dating 3500 BC when people first started using them to authenticate business deals and documents. There are also multiple references to seals in the Bible which many historians surmise are signet rings. People in medieval times used signet rings to sign and seal documents and the practice became even more legitimised when King Edward II ascended to the throne of England in 1307 and declared that all official government documents had to be sealed with the King’s signet.

Such illustrious signet rings bore the crests or emblems of the family of the wearer. They were a way not only to sign a document but to demonstrate your heritage. Only the most distinguished of families had a crest of their own to wear on a signet ring. Rings were not merely signifiers of family membership, they were also adopted by clubs and societies, each member identified by a flash of jewellery. In modern times when the rings are no longer used in an official capacity they are still often the mark of belonging and men and women alike will wear their family crests, even if they have no intention of pressing them into wax. In fact signet rings today are not always created with a design in relief or raised for the purposes of a seal, designers such as Stephen Einhorn can be far more imaginative in the way they represent someone’s crest or symbol because they are not constrained by functionality. Signet rings can be made in two tone precious metals such as contrasting gold’s, set with pavé stones or enamelled to create a coloured design.

Famous wearers of the classic family signet include Prince Charles and Churchill, the latter was never seen without his solid gold ring, as well as fictional icons such as the man from U.N.C.L.E. and several of James Bond’s more stylish adversaries. Even The Green Lantern of DC Comics fame sports his own symbol on a signet ring. Traditionally signet rings were passed down the family line: ancient heirlooms, nowadays traditions can be alluded to, as new heirlooms are commissioned and created. Wearers of the modern, contemporary style of signet ring can be seen in Hipster bars and country pubs, pushing swings in the playground and pushing pens in the boardroom.

These rings can sport a newly designed crest or be used to bring to life an old one, they can commemorate years of service to a cause or to a company, or even a new beginning.

But where should you wear a signet ring? Is there a particular finger it should grace? The simple answer, of course, is no. Just as the ring can be designed to the wearer’s exact specifications, it can also be worn on the finger of their choosing. Signet rings can be seen on pinkie fingers of both hands, on ring and index fingers, even thumbs. Traditionally since the Middle Ages they were worn on the pinkie, or little finger, on the non-dominant hand (so on the left hand if right-handed) making rolling in the wax used to form a seal possible without removing the ring. Now, though, rings are worn to replace wedding bands, as statement rings and teamed with contrasting jewellery for both men and women.

Combining style and sophistication with legitimacy and gravitas, the signet ring is a unique piece of jewellery. Stephen Einhorn has always been particularly drawn towards these rings, combining as they do his two passions for classic design and functionality. After all, what could be better than something that is not only beautiful, but could enable the wearer to leave their mark on the world? If you’re looking for a statement ring with a modern  design aesthetic, the signet ring is it. And who knows, it may even give you the impetus to start that secret society you’ve always longed for. No ring, no entry. It’s all about exclusivity, after all.

To find out more: Please visit our mens rings section


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Wonderful and Clever Women.

Our London Showroom display:

We have a new wall display in the shop, which is based around incredible women. Inspired by the women’s marches that we saw, and joined, all around the world we needed a display to mark that incredible coming together.


I have met quite a few very impressive women in my life but none of them were famous,  simply kind, brave often quite heroic but in a quiet way. Our wall is dedicated to these women and also women who have come to our attention throughout history who have achieved quite extraordinary things. Not only that, they have gone against the crowd, had to put up with abuse and anger, often to the detriment of themselves and their families, they have been the only women amongst many men, they have been told what they are trying to do is impossible, and they have been told to simply ‘go away’! And throughout this struggle they have fought on to achieve exceptional things. We need to teach our daughters and our sons and grandchildren about these wonderful women.

There are so many that I could tell you about but here are a select few.

Augusta Ada King Noel Countess of Lovelace. She was a mathematician who worked with Charles Babbage and was the first person to realise that machines could have another purpose other than pure calculation. She was the first person to realise that there could be a ‘computing machine’. She was born in 1815 and was the only legitimate daughter of Lord Byron.

Hedy Lamar, not only extraordinarily beautiful but also along with composer George Antheil, invented the technology for spread spectrum and frequency hopping to defeat the threat of torpedoes during the second world war. Using this system they could jam enemy torpedoes. The technology they invented is now incorporated in WIFI and Bluetooth that we use today.

Rosa Louise Mcauley Parks a civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat to a white teenager on a bus on December 1, 1955, in Montgomery Alabama. The United States Congress called her ‘The First Lady of Civil Rights’. There is now a Rosa Parks day in the USA.

Elizabeth Fry born in 1780 a quaker was a prison reformer. She visited Newgate and discovered that the women and children imprisioned there (some of them without a trial) needed clothes and food. She went back with clothes and food and started the first rehabilitation program as she firmly believed in reform rather than punishment. She started a school in the prison for the children. In 1817 she helped found the Association for the Reformation of the Female Prisoners in Newgate providing materials and teaching women to knit and sew in order to support themselves and their families after prison.

Marie Stopes Stopes has often been credited with beliefs especially about race which do not sit comfortably with anyone who believes in racial equality. However she was the first women to start a birth control clinic and her manual published in 1918 called ‘Married Love’, opened up the first discourse on contraception inside marriage and later outside marriage. Without her pioneering work we wouldn’t have the freedoms we enjoy now, over our own bodies. To younger women all these rights are normal to them. They have never known a time when there was no choice. Thanks to women like Marie Stopes we can take all these rights for granted.

Come in and view our new London Showroom display for yourself at:
210 Upper Street
N1 1RL 


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There are many beautiful colour variations of sapphires, encompassing mostly all the spectrum of colours, except red sapphires, which are termed ‘fancy’ and include orange, yellow, violet and lilac.

In the Middle Ages the clergy wore blue sapphires to symbolise heaven. In Ancient Greece and Rome monarch’s believed them to protect you from harm. In modern times they have often graced the throats and fingers of royalty.

Sapphire is the single crystal form of corundem (aluminium oxide). The red variety – coloured by a mineral called chromium – is the ruby (this also produces pink sapphires until the colour deepens enough to be red). All other colours are called sapphires.

Different trace minerals produce a whole spectrum of differently coloured sapphires: titanium and iron colour it blue, for example. The clarity, the colour – the hue -  and the origin of the stone all play a part in its valuation. It is very durable, exceeded only by diamond. Two distinctive varieties of sapphires are the ‘Star’ sapphire which displays asterism – a six pointed star at the centre of the stone, and ‘Colour Change’ sapphire which changes colour according to whether it is viewed in a natural or artificial light source due to the differing wavelengths of light it absorbs and refracts.

They are 9 on the Moh scale. They are found in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, East Africa, China. Every stone is different particularly in the larger carat sizes. Therefore each sapphire ring we make is always slightly different.

Watch out for our new gemstone guide, coming soon…..

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Leather Jewellery.

Leather jewellery is becoming more and more popular. We find it fly’s out of our London showroom. The appeal seems to be that it combines something extremely precious with something that is synonymous with toughness, masculinity, and wearability. That is not to exclude the ladies of course because us ladies like toughness and wearability too. Leather jewellery is fantastic for making a statement. It looks modern, contemporary and cool.
It appears that some men look on leather jewellery as being more wearable in an everyday setting.

Our Men’s Anchor leather wrist bracelet

Throughout history the wearing of jewellery has been about status. The more land you had the more jewellery you wore. If you were a Viking, you might wear your savings on your arms as silver amulets and beads. When you went shopping you could use a bit of jewellery for your purchases. Nowadays, except on rare occasions people tend not to want to shout about their wealth ( Kim Kardashian being one of the exceptions)  people generally like to be a bit more discreet about what they are worth. For this reason its now very hard to  look at someone and calculate their net worth. Often the richest people look very low key indeed.

The making of our Leather Snap bracelet 

Leather jewellery is a great compromise between these two worlds. We know that our customers like to pair gold with leather. Its a great contrast between the two worlds of expensive jewellery and a more urban style  and at the same time this type of look is very popular.

Shop our range


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The Most Romantic Gift Of All, The Romance Of Real Rubies

Please allow us to introduce you to our most wonderful Raspberry Heart collection.

We have a number of different stone and metal options which are all available to order using our drop down menus on our product pages. The ruby and gold necklace is a particularly popular choice as is the diamond and gold necklace. Our Raspberry Heart collection is a stunning and very luxurious collection full of heirloom pieces. There will be lots of daughters looking sideways at their mothers Ruby necklace, with lust in their eyes, if you buy one of these. Or… if you have a slightly wild unconventional side, or your loved one does, how about a black diamond necklace? All these combinations are a possibility.

Ruby and Gold Heart Necklace

Our Stephen Einhorn Raspberry Heart Necklace

The Raspberry Heart is a timeless collection, not only for Valentine’s Day but as a simple romantic gift  for anytime of the year. It’s a little piece of luxury that is never going to disappoint. The rather stunning heart pendant necklace from the collection, and each earring, is set with 33 pavé set stones. This is all done in our workshop in Islington, using a special microscope which magnifies up to 100 times.

Raspberry Heart Diamond stud earrings

Raspberry Heart diamond Pave stud earrings

The stones are set using an age old technique of raising the metal around them to hold each tiny stone in place and make it secure. It is slow and very accurate work that you need to be very skilled to do.


Raspberry Heart  Collection  earringsRaspberry Heart, Ruby Pave drop clip earrings

This collection like everything at Stephen Einhorn is handmade in our London based workshop, so when you buy from us, it’s a lifelong relationship. (Not in an intense smothering way, but in a helpful, ‘yes we are here to help’ type way.) We are one of the few people who still make their designs in the UK, So.. pick any precious metal, or any stone, within this collection to make it yours.

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