Our Team Christmas Party – How to Win Against History

It’s nearly Christmas therefore it’s Christmas treat time!

This year we all went to The Young Vic to see How To Win Against History. A fantastic musical written by Seiriol Davies. It’s a great piece of theatre that won the Edinburgh 1st award and seems to get nothing but 4 and 5 star reviews. When you go to see it you can understand why!

The play is about Henry Cyril Paget The 5th marquess of Anglesey, a very eccentric individual. He inherited an incredible fortune that amounted to approximately £11.000000 a year which he managed to squander and ended up dying in penury when he was only 29 years old.

He married his cousin Lilian Florence Maud Chetwynd but they only managed to stay together for 6 weeks. She must have been very unworldly as to look at him and think there was a possibility that the marriage would actually function normally. A little clue for her may have been that the only time Henry wanted her to be naked was when he demanded she cover herself in his very extensive jewellery collection and was then made to sleep in it.

If I was being mean, I would say she does look a little vacuous…..

So Henry Cyril Paget spent his short life putting on ridiculously elaborate and expensive stage productions that no one really wanted to see. One of his many extravagances was to have the exhaust of his car doctored so that it smelt of perfume. His costumes were made with real diamonds and gold by Morris Angels. He was most likely  surrounded by an entourage who all ripped him off. “Your Marquessship you’ve dropped a diamond from your costume…….Oh well.”

His most famous dance was The Electric Butterfly dance. After his death his family who had now lost their entire fortune, due to him, tried to erase him from history by burning documents letters and photos.  So sadly there is very little documentation left to tell us who he really was. He died in Monte Carlo with his wife by his side after a long unspecified illness. There are only a few photos of him that were not destroyed.

Thanks to Seiriol Davies and the rest of the cast, Mathew Blake Dylan Townley and director Alex Swift Henry Cyril Paget 5th Marquess of Anglesey lives again!

We really enjoyed ourselves and the food is pretty good at The Young Vic too!

The show at The Young Vic is completely sold out but you may get lucky and get a return!

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For All Eternity

Oh Jerry, don’t let’s ask for the moon, we have the stars.

Bette Davis in  Now Voyager

Eternity is a long time. Can you commit for an eternity? The idea is that your love is so great that hopefully you can and will. You commit for a lifetime of enduring love, joy, laughter, good times and sometimes bad. You also commit to care for that person whatever happens. And… if you are lucky and you believe in such things, you will float on for an eternity together ever afterwards.

Trinity Full Eternity Ring 18 Carat Yellow Gold & Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Stephen Einhorn Trinity Diamond Full Eternity Ring

The love that you give each other and that you leave behind with your family will live on. So how do you commemorate such a wonderful gift as having someone to love? Why, you give them an eternity ring! Man or woman, this ring stands for the gift of love given and recieved.

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity

Henry van Dyke

Slim Geo Elipse Eternity Ring 14 Carat Rose Gold & Diamonds - Stephen Einhorn London

Stephen Einhorn Slim Geo Elipse Diamond Eternity Ring.

Now we are seeing that customers are using our eternity ring range as wedding rings: this is a lovely symbolic gesture, after all this ring can be given any time so why not give it right from the start?

Stephen Einhorn_The making of the Geo Elipse Eternity Ring_Low_res

We’re also seeing that eternity rings are being given as milestone birthday presents and are being self purchased. So whether it’s love for a partner, a friend, a family member or a good old healthy dose of self-love an eternity ring is the perfect choice. A beautiful symbol of forever love.

Stephen Einhorn Micro Eternity Ring 14 Carat White Gold & Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Stephen Einhorn Diamond Micro Eternity Ring

Stephen Einhorn Palladium Eternity Ring - London Jeweller

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Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - Trilogy Engagement Rings - London

Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! All eyes are now on the three stone engagement ring that was designed by Prince Harry. How fantastic that the side stones were from Diana’s jewellery collection and the central stone from Botswana, the place where the loved up pair shared their first holiday away together.

And guess what? We can do that for you as well! Do you have a stone or stones of great familial importance or sentimental value? We can make them into a beautiful bespoke engagement ring for you, to have and to hold, forever. Don’t let Harry and Meghan have all the glory, us lay people can have it too! It’s great though, a mixed race fiancé who is also a divorcee. Go you Royal Family, becoming a family of the 21st century… we are all romantics here.

Be inspired by a collection of our previous bespoke engagement ring commissions and take a look at our newest Trinity three stone engagement ring here.

Trinity Trilogy 1ct Three Stone Engagement Ring Platinum & Brilliant Cut Certified Diamond HVS

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Why We Don’t Take Part In Black Friday & Never Have Sales

Stephen Einhorn London Luxury Jewellery Workshop - Islington Upper Street

We don’t take part in promotions such as ‘Black Friday’ and we never have sales. You will not pay full price for any of our jewellery designs only to find three weeks later the price has been reduced. Why? We are a British company making luxury jewellery here in London. Our workshops, design studio, enamelling studio and office are all behind our shop. We employ extremely skilled craftsmen and women who have honed their skills with years of practice. Those kinds of skills are dying out especially here in the UK. We believe in trying to keep those skills firmly here on our premises and we do all we can to promote them. These skills are not cheap to learn and they are not cheap to employ nor should they be. We believe in treating each and everyone of our employees with fairness and respect. This is why we don’t have sales. We don’t buy and sell, we design and handcraft using the highest quality materials.

Stephen Einhorn Tsarina Diamond Halo Ring Platinum & Brilliant Cut Tanzanite - London Engagement Rings
They say you don’t know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Well, you’ve walked miles and miles in yours, and how well do you know them? Where were they made? Who made them? Did the nimble fingers who hand-stitched the logo belong to someone under ten years old? Someone who worked an eight-hour day? Someone who is fairly paid? Someone with the right to join a union?

It’s hard to find these things out. Manufacturing of mass produced, every day goods remain a fairly closely guarded secret. And even when there is a flurry of interest, some broadsheet investigation, a programme or two, and we start to understand the price that someone else is paying for our trainers and our jeans, as consumers we continue to buy cheap, disposable clothes by the ton. But it doesn’t take an investigative journalist to work out that if we buy a cotton top for £1.99 someone’s not getting paid properly. The cotton has to be picked, spun, woven, dyed, cut, sewn, labelled, despatched and distributed. It’s true that these processes are for thousands of tops, in hundreds of countries, but even accounting for the reduction in price for multiple pieces, the price is not nearly enough.

Stephen Einhorn Talk to our Experts - London Luxury Jeweller Islington

The jewellery industry, sadly is no different. Unfortunately, ethics are no friend to profits. Once glorious, iconic, jewellery labels have stooped to mass production on a scale we are familiar with in clothing chains, for higher profit margins. Chief executives outsource to factories across the globe, turning a blind eye to the conditions, treatment, pay and age of the workers.

And we all know this is wrong. We know it is wrong to buy a top for £1.99. We know that a leather bag with piping and a sturdy lining should cost more than £12.99. We know it would be better to buy one piece of beautiful, ethically produced clothing per month for £50 than twelve and a half pieces for £3.99. It’s not enough to know, though, we have to care. But it’s hard. It’s more expensive, and despite the burgeoning ethical clothing market, there are still very limited choices for ethically produced clothes.

Fine jewellery is another matter. Buying a piece of high quality jewellery is not something we take lightly, not something most of us do once a month. It is more of a financial commitment, more special, each purchase more unique. Fine jewellery is never disposable, often outlasting the wearer to be passed on as heirloom and keepsake. It is easier for the consumer to pause and consider who made their rings and earrings and necklaces. And it should be easier for the trade to promote ethical working practices, to make sure their makers are well paid and happy. It should be easier and it should always be a priority, but for many jewellers, it just isn’t.

Stephen Einhorn Jewellery London - Ethical Luxury Jeweller Islington Upper Street

Find a jeweller who has an ethical policy, who makes a point of inspecting each and every premises where their pieces are made, who promotes good working hours, good pay, buys birthday cakes and birthday presents for their employees, who supports their local community rather than exploiting a foreign one, who is prepared to sacrifice bigger profit margins for the good treatment of nimble fingers. You’ll find the diamond ring on your finger will shine that little bit brighter. Still not convinced? Read Stephen Einhorn’s philosophy and company history, come into his shop and chat to his jewellers, ask the sales consultants in his shop what it is like to work for him.

When you buy a piece of Stephen Einhorn jewellery you are buying into a great tradition of craftsmanship. You’re buying a contemporary heirloom that has been designed to last a lifetime. This is why our designs are priced the way they are and this is why we will never take part in Black Friday or have sales.

Stephen Einhorn Bespoke Jewellery - Men's & Women's London

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We Are Made Of Stars But Now There Is Proof Our Jewellery Is Too

We are made of stars. But now it seems there’s definitive proof that our jewellery is too. Ever looked at a luscious, shining gold or platinum ring and thought it looked simply heavenly? There’s a reason, and it’s as old as time.

Scientists have long suspected that heavy metals of high density and atomic weight such as gold and platinum originated in space, in a collision between stars resulting in a massive explosion. But this has only been conjecture, until now.

This week astronomers witnessed the collision of two neutron stars (a neutron star is the already collapsed core of a large star resulting from the supernova explosion of a massive star. So that’s big. Really really really big), with a flash brighter than a billion suns. This explosion of epic proportions most likely then formed a black hole but before that happened the explosion emitted a dense beam of gamma rays, showering the sky with heavy elements.

The two stars, each heavier than our sun, circled each other, getting closer and closer together before colliding. The sheer force of this collision forged the new heavy elements of gold and platinum as extra neutrons were pushed into the nuclei of atoms.

The echoes of this unstoppable, forceful attraction, millions of light years away, millions of years ago, produced the precious metal that you can now place on the finger of your own unstoppable attraction. A gift from the stars.

Stephen Einhorn Liquid Slim Ring in Gold

How precious! Our Liquid Slim in 14 carat yellow gold. Now you know how special this is.


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What Is A Pear Cut – Our Fine Jewellery Guide

Like its cousin, the Trilliant cut, the Pear cut shares elements of the Brilliant cut, meaning that is has all of the advantages of this classic round cut, but with an interesting twist: one pointed end of a Marquise cut. As its fruity name suggests, the cut gets its name from its distinctive, and rather luscious, shape. Just as a perfectly ripe pear is just asking to be bitten into, this cut is beguilingly tactile and needs to be touched and admired from all angles to really appreciate its qualities.

What Is A Pear Cut Diamond & Stone - Stephen Einhorn Jewellery London

The pear, or teardrop, was developed in the 1400s by Flemish cutter Lodewyk van Berquem, himself inventor of the diamond polishing wheel. This newly developed tool allowed van Berquem to perfect the arrangement of facets and symmetry, achieving the height to depth ratio that gives the Pear the fire, scintillation and brilliance of an ideal brilliant cut stone. As with the Marquise and Oval cuts, the Pear cut can suffer from a ‘bow tie’ effect when light refracting through the centre of the stone casts a shadow across the facets. In the hands of the most skilful cutter this effect is barely noticeable, and thus is a good measure of the highest quality stones.

69 carat Taylor-Burton Pear Cut Diamond - Richard Burton in 1969 - Elizabeth Taylor.

Since it was created, the Pear cut diamond has had a long and illustrious history. Its unique shape, rounded at one end and pointed at the other means that cutters have been able to fashion unusually large, flawless stones. One such stone is the infamous 69 carat Taylor-Burton diamond purchased by Richard Burton in 1969 during his tempestuous relationship with that ultimate bastion of Hollywood glamour, Elizabeth Taylor. Such was the fascination with this stone that it was put on public display before being flown to its new owners, during which time 6000 people a day queued just to get a glimpse of its dazzling curves. Another famous beauty is the staggering 503.20 carat diamond, Cullinan I, adorning the Imperial Sceptre of the Crown Jewels.

Trinity Pear Shaped Diamond & Emerald Engagement Rings - Stephen Einhorn London

But you don’t need to be a film star or a queen to own one of these fabulous stones. The clean classic lines of this cut means it is as well suited to a ruby or sapphire as it is to a diamond, and the shape makes it a perfect accompaniment to other cuts of stone, complementing and contrasting with them.

Stephen’s new Trinity collection marries the ‘round with the tear’, adding two Pear cut stones into his beautiful elegant settings, alongside a central Brilliant cut. It is a classic signature design: modern yet with a nod to the historical; very wearable but uniquely eye-catching. And after all isn’t that what you really want in a piece of fine jewellery? Something oh so easy on the eye… and to fall in love with.

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A Loving Farewell To Otto Our Dachshund Charm Model

This is a wonderful picture of Otto who very kindly modelled our new Dachshund charm. Love this photo of him patiently accepting a lotta love. He is very squeezable! This is his owners daughter soon to go off to University wearing a lovely delicate small heart bracelet which she received as a graduation gift. Otto will miss those kisses that’s for sure. We would like to wish Robin lots of luck at University…. don’t work too hard…

Stephen-Einhorn-Dog-Charms_Customer-Photos - London Jewellery

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One Of Our Cockapoo Charm Competition Winners

This is one of the lucky winners of our new Cockapoo charm! (Well the owner of this adorable little dog was the real winner…) What a looker, so utterly cuddly and lovely we all fell in love! I think this little ball of delight goes very well with our bags too, don’t you think?

Stephen Einhorn Cockapoo Charm Competition Winner - London Jeweller

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Win Our New French Bulldog, Dachshund & Cockapoo Charms

Win Stephen Einhorn Dog Charms - French Bulldog, Dachshund & Cockapoo - London

To celebrate National Dog Day (26th Aug) and the launch of our new dog charms we’re giving you the chance to win our fab French Bulldog, Dachshund and Cockapoo charms.

To be in with a chance to win simply head to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

We’ll be picking the lucky winners on Monday 4th September.

National Dog Day celebrates all breeds, pure and mixed and serves to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, either from public shelters, rescues and pure breed rescues. National Dog Day honors family dogs and dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.

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The Story Of Our Rings & Our Customer’s Stunning Magpie Tattoo

This customer you see below, came in to buy two wedding rings.  Adding all the symbolism of shared experiences that they could within their rings, this is what we did for them. We used metals and stones to remind them of their shared experiences.  Then boom! He came in and showed us the most beautiful tattoo on his arm that he had had which included our rings. Flattered? Err yes, wouldn’t you be? Read the wonderful story behind the tattoo below…

Stephen Einhorn Magie and Rings Tattoo - London JewelleryWe were looking for something that symbolised our relationship, our love of travel, and the history of how we got together.  We got engaged in Halong Bay, in Vietnam, and both grew up by the North Sea and love the ocean. The blue tourmaline in Caroline’s engagement ring was sourced by Stephen Einhorn to match the colour of the sea in Halong Bay, with the rose gold being close to the colour of the beaches in the Maldives and Caribbean where we dive. When it catches the light the sparkle is like the sun on the waves… Michael’s wedding band was inspired by an engineering background. The two strong titanium bands wrap the softer rose gold – a reference to two periods in our joint lives – and the gold rivets holding the whole together. As well as the choice of rings, we chose Stephen Einhorn as we wanted something local because Islington means a lot to us, and we got married in the Town Hall.  We asked local artist James at Inklectic, Blackstock Road, to bring together the birds and the rings. So why Magpies? – amongst other things, the memory of our youth in Newcastle and lifelong memories of “that” rhyme…!

Michael and Caroline

Rings - Halo 5 Ring in 9 Carat Rose Gold & Brilliant Cut Blue Tourmaline and Metal Geo Elipse Wide Ring, 9 Carat Rose Gold 

Tattoo - James King  www.inklectictattoos.com.

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