Win £500 To Spend On Jewellery & Beauty Products

Look dazzling this autumn (it’s just around the corner!) with £250 to spend on jewellery with us and £250 to spend with fabulous natural skincare brand Seascape Island Apothecary. We’ve teamed up with My Beauty Matches (a life and time saving!) luxury one-stop personalised product matching website to bring you this wonderful prize, guaranteed to see you skipping through September. Enter here.

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Show Your Jewellery Off To Its Full Potential With Perfectly Polished Hands & Nails

Your new Stephen Einhorn ring or bracelet is looking fabulous and everyone wants to take a look, which means all the attention is on your hands… And if you’re anything like us they might not be in the best shape… we’re busy people! But fear not, all is not lost… we have found ourselves a beauty expert who is ready to give us some top tips to get your hands and nails looking picture perfect.

Over to you Rachael…

Whether you have commissioned your dream bracelet, are working a curated stack of rings,  or are sporting a diamond sparkler from that very lucky someone. Before you go showing it off, follow these tips to show off your new jewellery at its best.

This all starts with having perfectly polished nails.  As the beauty editor of My Beauty Matches the first (and smartest) personalised product matching site for beauty, as well as the largest beauty retailer in the world, I’ve picked up some handy tips (no pun intended) for getting your hands ready in a flash. Not to mention a dab hand at an emergency manicure for a post surprise proposal to make even the most overworked hands look glam, and let’s face it, Instagram ready!

Step 1: Remove ALL existing nail polish

Before you try and paint over 3 coats of nail polish that have been there since last tuesday, stop right there! Don’t even bother, you will end up with a lumpy finish that will draw attention away from your sparkler and onto your ragged nails.

Step 2: Shape Up

If your nails vary in length then give them a quick swipe with a nail file to make them all the same length. Keep it classic with a square or oval nails to keep all attention on your jewellery.

Step 3: Pick Your polish

If you’ve got a bespoke jewel encrusted ring or bracelet sitting near your hands, don’t make it look cheap with any old colour.  The right manicure can really complement  statement rings and bracelets.

For rings with colour from turquoise, emerald, topaz  and amethyst tones incorporate those vivid stone colours within your manicure to compliment both the stone and polish.

If your piece is graphic and structural, especially if it’s made with a highly polished metal then juxtapose it with a matte polish to show off the texture.  Matte grey or onyx are chic and go with any metal tone.

If your jewellery has bronze, copper or rose gold tones then accentuate those colours with luxe, metallic accents on your nails. Navy, Olive and rust  would be perfect against the burnished bronze finish of the pieces.

In general try and stay with the tonal palette of the jewels or metals you are wearing or go for a neutral colour like stark white, black, grey or nude that will really make the colours pop.

You can shop My Beauty Matches treasure chest of nail colours here. Trust us when we say if you need it they will have it!

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Huge Congratulations To Team GB & Every Athlete At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Stephen Einhorn Olympic RIngs

We would like to extend our huge congratulations to Team GB who finished 2nd in the medal table at the Olympics. This makes the Rio Olympics a record-breaking achievement for Great Britain. Any athlete participating in the Olympic Games is pretty incredible – the tireless dedication of each and every person who took part from every single country is nothing less than awe inspiring… We salute you all! Now where did I put my bike…

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Stephen Einhorn, Dazed Magazine & Léa Seydoux

The talented and beautiful French actress Léa Seydoux, best known for her roles in Blue Is the Warmest Colour, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Bond film, Spectre, can currently be seen in Dazed Magazine this month, wearing our fabulous new Soho hoop earrings. These are little black dress of the jewellery world.  Here are a few snaps from the shoot but do head over to Dazed to read the interview – it’s a good one.


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A Romantic Grand Canyon Proposal!

We set the scene, a man unsuspecting with his partner is getting excited because they are going on an amazing trip to the Grand Canyon… IN A HELICOPTER! Pretty special so far. They have lovely weather, conditions look good, they are relaxing, enjoying the scenery. Then… the pilot suggests they land and take a look around. Good idea, it’s an unusual place, who wouldn’t want to check it out, but then? A proposal! Right there. How amazingly romantic. These two lovely customers were kind enough to share their special moment with us (almost we weren’t actually there) and sent us these really wonderful photos. With a set up like that how could you refuse? We send our hearty congratulations to you both and hope you are enjoying wearing your palladium Metal Geo Elipse rings.

Stephen Einhorn Romantic Engagement Grand Canyon - Men's Engagement Rings - London

You can shop our handcrafted men’s engagement rings online or visit our Islington, London jewellery shop.

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Kristian Nairn (Hodor from Game of Thrones) Bespoke Skull & Bones Ring

Bespoke Alien Bone Skull Ring in Silver & Bloodstone Made For Game Of Thrones Kristian Nairn

Kristian Nairn (Hodor from Game of Thrones… Hold the Door!) recently commissioned this bespoke Skull and Bones ring from us, and one thing he was very sure about was that he wanted Stephen to include skulls on his design.

Bespoke Skull & Bones Ring in Made For Game Of Thrones Kristian Nairn - Hodor

Skulls have become incredibly popular in the last 20 years. Where once they were a symbol of death or all things sinister, now they are a bit of a fashion statement.

Interestingly, in Elizabethan England the skull was a symbol of being a Bawd or a Rake or a type of person with loose morals or indeed someone who liked to simply live a little harder than others. For this particular symbol a skull with its lower jaw missing was used which is really quite similar to the skulls we use today in our jewellery. People would have a skull on a plain band, which could be turned to hide the proclivities of the wearer. It conjures up a lovely picture of lascivious men and women turning their rings round at dinner parties and then rushing off into the bushes (or broom closets).

Charles Allan Gilbert - All is Vanity 1892

It is said that the human brain has a part of it that enables us to recognise a skull even from a small fragment of bone, which seems incredible. In 1892 Charles Allan Gilbert did a clever illustration called ‘All is Vanity’. He did quite a few illustrations of people that when you look at them they look like skulls but when you look closer they are, in this case a woman innocently looking into a dressing table mirror. Maybe it was that special part of his brain that he had tapped into that helped him create such incredible illustrations.

Skulls are an interesting symbol that are now worn as something ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ or even a bit groovy. Theresa May’s husband should be wearing skull cufflinks if he really wants to be taken seriously as that bit of arm candy who is First Man, after all most men are now going to be trying to ape his style.

You can shop our men’s and women’s Skull jewellery collection here online and find out more about our bespoke jewellery service here.

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What Is Trilliant Cut – Our Fine Jewellery Guide

The Trilliant cut stone is rather more elegant than it’s sci-fi sounding name suggests. It is in fact a portmanteau of ‘triangle’ and ‘brilliant’ and that’s exactly what it is: a triangular modified brilliant cut. The brilliant cut is of course the ultimate circular classic when it comes to diamonds and gemstones. With the perfect balance of facets to height and weight ratio it is a great choice for a round stone. What makes the Trilliant such a luscious choice is its combination of the brilliant cut’s facets with the unusual triangular shape, making it a real statement. In order to get the right proportions, the Trilliant is deliberately shaped with lesser depth and a larger table, giving skilled cutters the opportunity to ensure it has maximum fire, scintillation and brilliance. Meaning the Trilliant will truly dazzle.

What Is Trilliant Cut - Our Fine Jewellery Guide

Suited to a variety of gemstones as well as diamonds, this shape makes coloured stones even more desirable, giving them at once a classic elegance and a contemporary look. The Trilliant was developed by cutters in Amsterdam and later patented in New York in 1962. Sometimes referred to as a trillion or trillian, the cut is relatively new, making it the perfect choice for those who are looking for a piece of fine jewellery which is a little more modern.

This beguiling combination of modern and classic is what makes the Trilliant so suited to Stephen contemporary, but timeless fine jewellery designs, and his new platinum Tsarina diamond Halo necklace is no exception. With the setting beautifully following the contours of this opulent tanzanite stone, surrounded by 30 diamonds, this piece tells a story of exquisite craftsmanship and enduring style. And the rest? That’s up to you.

Read all about and shop our new Tsarina fine jewellery collection here online or visit our London jewellery shop in Islington.


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It’s World Gin Day!

We love all things gin. There are an increasing number of small distilleries in London who all seem to make delicious Gin. To name a few there is Sipsmith, Jensens, Sacred, City of London and a Stephen Einhorn team favourite 58 Gin from Hackney (whose owner we recently made some beautifully engraved bespoke cufflinks as a special birthday gift from his wife).

Bespoke 58 Gin Logo Engraved Cufflinks Solid Silver

London Gin appears to have emerged over the last few years as a bit of a speciality and the new small distilleries seem to make gin of  a very high quality.

Apparently the reason gin has a bad reputation is firstly because it used to be ruinously cheap, cheaper even than beer. It was a far worse plague than Class A drugs are today.  It was called Mother’s ruin and during the mid eighteenth century it was absolutely the biggest plague in society. History aside the other reason why gin had a bad reputation was for the hangovers it caused. This is because when some massed produced gins are distilled the distillers use the entire batch, whereas a really good distiller will throw away the beginning and the end of the distillation, known as the ‘heads and tails’. The copper in the gin vat takes out the sulphites that make you feel awful.

So get your friends together today and have a lovely G & T to celebrate World Gin Day. Don’t forget to eat something with it so you don’t get too drunk!

Our favourite Dry Martini:

50ml 58 Gin

10ml Noily Pratt

Stir all over ice. Pour into chilled glass and garnish with lemon twist…….when you have finished two… try not to slide under table.

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Stephen Helps Judge The WGSN Futures Awards 2016

Stephen was recently asked to be part of the judging panel (alongside key industry figures including Storm Models founder Sarah Doukas and Saks Fifth Avenue vice president fashion director Eric Jennings) for this years WGSN Futures Awards. The awards recognise innovation and excellence in fashion design, retail and digital innovation on a global scale.

The ceremony, which Stephen and Kelly (our Head of Marketing) attended, took place after WGSN’s two-day future trends summit WGSN Futures which saw global experts debating and discussing how technology will drive a more successful and sustainable industry under the theme The Vision 2030. The night was a glamorous affair –we met some lovely people, caught up with some old friends and drank some of the tasty tropical cocktails!

Stephen Einhorn Luxury Jewellery Designer Helps Judge WGSN Futures Awards 2016

Huge congratulations to all the winners, but we must give a particular mention to our favourite of the night (and also one of the nominees who Stephen voted for) – the winner for Breakthrough Footwear & Accessories Design: Richard Braqo. Richard’s designs are truly innovative with fantastic attention to detail. We predict a bright future for this talented man.

This years Hall of Fame award went to Alexandra Shulman whose editorship at British Vogue is the longest in the magazines history – an incredible achievement.

All in all an inspirational event that we really enjoyed being part of.

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The Time We Tried To Get All The Games Of Thrones Secrets Out Of Kristian Nairn Who Plays Hodor

Game of Thrones Hodor - Kristian Nairn & Stephen Einhorn in Our London Jewellery Shop

We’d be fibbing if we said we didn’t try and get some inside information out of Kristian Nairn (who plays Game of Thrones Hodor) when he last visited our London jewellery shop… but he was very professional and wouldn’t tell Stephen a thing, not a single bean… And we don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who still haven’t watched the most recent episode yet but what a shocker! #HTD.

It all makes sense now… But what next…

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