Pearl Necklaces & Timeless, Sophisticated Glamour

Ah pearl jewellery, your granny has it, your mum has it, and hopefully you have it too. To my mind pearls were always synonymous with old ladyish type ‘style’. Does that make me narrow minded? In the ways of fashion and style I think it does…

For indeed was not Coco Chanel the very epitome of style and wore signature pearls all her life?  I believe Jackie Kennedy, another style icon, also favoured either a single strand pearl necklace or quite often a triple strand of pearls to accessorise her glamourous outfits. And last but not least the very reason why I mention pearls is yesterday (October 6th 1961) was the 50th anniversary of the release of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a film which single handedly made the little black dress and pearl jewellery combo totally ubiquitous.

Coco Chanel, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn in Pearl Necklaces - Stephen Einhorn London

Pearls are timeless, they symbolise sophistication and glamour and when we began designing our own pearl range about 8 years ago we wanted them to be more contemporary and have a more youthful slant to them, whilst maintaining the classic style that they stand for. We started off very simply with very small strings of delicate pearls but the demand for more and more new designs was so strong that we have had to expand our range to satisfy our customers’ tastes.

This brings me to our new Jeune and Jeunesse pearl jewellery collections. These were specifically designed as a ‘simpler easier to wear’ range and also a range of pearl jewellery that is ideal for bridesmaids and brides. The Jeune pearl necklace and Jeunesse pearl necklace are very delicate and simple, great for everyday wear and the perfect accompaniment to a low cut neckline. Pearls are organic and the more they are worn the better they look as the natural oil from your skin keeps the pearls warm and lustrous looking. In other words a pearl necklace is the perfect everyday jewellery accessory.


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