Snake Bracelet. I Love It!

Oval Snake Wrist Bracelet

I have to admit that writing about inanimate objects is hard work! People, much easier.

There are emotions, moods, aspects, characteristics etc and if you get stuck you can also write a few opinions of your own about that person, like they are kind, generous, thoughtful, with a large nose and a propensity for stroking strange dogs, you see? Lots of things to say.

Describing jewellery which has been my job on our website for 16 years or so is hard. Often if you actually read any of the descriptions I find myself completely lost, I have to regroup my brain and stop my mind wondering into quotes from literature or songs or even likening certain products to my favorite sweets and think, ‘metal’ ‘diamonds’ ‘gemstones’ and all the other marvelous components that make up our fine handmade  designs.

But this Snake bracelet is one of my particular favourites. I walk past it everyday and if I have a spare five minutes I put it on and think how amazing it would look if I was dressed a certain way…. I stand in front of our showroom mirror turning this way and that letting the light catch it in a particular way… I love this. I havent seen anything like it anywhere else. I love the weight of it, the craftsmanship of it and the design. It’s very special.

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