Stephen’s Interview With Art Wednesday…

Paris Catacombs - Stephen Einhorn Inspiration

Stephen talks influences, heirloom jewellery, Hollywood and Paris catacombs with the fabulous Art Wednesday. Below is a little snippet and you can read the full interview here.

It seems you have a niche for that kind of gothic-romantic aesthetic. Is this a stream of art and literature that inspires you generally? 

Well that’s difficult to answer because I didn’t realise that that is how my style comes across! I am definitely a romantic and I do love the gothic style, and somehow the symbolism seems to mix very well. I recently went on one of the tours at Highgate Cemetery and absolutely loved it. I love the catacombs in Paris as well… so much human endeavour. The patterns that have been made with all those bones are amazing.

I have a lot of reference books, specialist art books, literature and various objects related to the gothic-romantic subject too, but I don’t read romantic pot-boilers in case you are interested! The last book I read was Rohan Mistry’s A Fine Balance, a very inspiring book.

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