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The Most Romantic Gift Of All, The Romance Of Real Rubies

Please allow us to introduce you to our most wonderful Raspberry Heart collection. We have a number of different stone and metal options which are all available to order using our drop down menus on our product pages. The ruby … Continue reading

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Unwrap Our Christmas Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or already have the perfect gift in mind, unwrap our wonderful Christmas gift guide for handcrafted jewellery designs for him & her. We have new designs, our beautiful Winter jewellery collection, and lovely little sparkly … Continue reading

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What Is Trilliant Cut – Our Fine Jewellery Guide

The Trilliant cut stone is rather more elegant than it’s sci-fi sounding name suggests. It is in fact a portmanteau of ‘triangle’ and ‘brilliant’ and that’s exactly what it is: a triangular modified brilliant cut. The brilliant cut is of … Continue reading

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Arrowhead Jewellery Collection Shoot

We are very excited as we have finally moved into the 21st century and have run our first jewellery collection shoot! We usually like to do everything ourselves in-house, using our hugely talented and versatile team, but on this occasion … Continue reading

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July Birthstone Jewellery – Ruby

The July birthstone is ruby. Like a drop of blood. Very romantic… Rubies are very hard precious stones, therefore very durable – made to stand the test of time. A ruby is a good choice for an heirloom piece. Very … Continue reading

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Maleficent, British Baddies & The Bespoke Jewellery Stephen Made For Angelina Jolie

Maleficent, the wicked evil fairy witchy person in Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty was originally voiced by Eleanor Audley in a very clipped British accent, which after seeing the film as a child, gave me nightmares for years! Especially the bit … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung At Einhorn Towers

Also known as the vernal equinox, the 20th March is the first day of spring. The sun is shining (well it’s really trying!), there are cute little lambs running around Einhorn Towers (ok that may be a fib) and the … Continue reading

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Mothers Day – Who Doesn’t Want To Be Celebrated Once In A While?

On March 30th this year my daughter will be exactly 11 months old. Now that’s a pretty exciting fact as it is. Fingers crossed I won’t have left her on a bus, accidentally put her in the fridge or let … Continue reading

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Beautiful Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gift Ideas – Be Bold!

Forget chocolates, sooo dull, a red rose? Come on honestly?… Get really inspired, take a stroll through our wonderful Valentine’s Day jewellery gifts for her section – perfect pieces for the luscious lady in your life, be bold! Stephen Einhorn’s … Continue reading

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Our Women’s Favourite Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas

If you’re in need of a little Christmas gift inspiration for the women in your life, or you are a woman who is looking to drop a less than subtle hint to a loved one, be sure to check out … Continue reading

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