The Amazing Minimum Monument By Néle Azevedo


I have just seen these amazing photos of sculptures by a Brazilian artist called Néle Azevedo. She made a piece called Minimum Monument, which was displayed in Chamberlain Square in Birmingham. The photos are incredible and I really wish I had been able to see it in person. She made 5,000 little ice figures to represent some of the men and women who lost their lives in the First World War.


Néle had to use a team of 20 volunteers and 10 special chest freezers that had to be plugged in near the site before installation. This is what she said about the sculpture –

“I wanted to break with the traditional characteristics of a monument. My sculptures remember people who are not remembered by other monuments.“

The photos are powerful and reflective. They give a sense of terrible sadness and comment on the impermanence of life that exists, especially during a war. Her work of art seems all the more poignant because of what is actually happening in the world right now.


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