The Hidden Beauty Of The Barbarella Ring

Jane Fonda get your hands off my ring!

This 14 carat white gold and cabochon cut aquamarine Barbarella ring is absolutely stunning and is a one-of- a- kind design from the House of Einhorn – a genuine collectors piece handcrafted for you by the old Silver Fox himself. And talking of the Silver Fox, here’s his inspiration behind this gorgeous new women’s ring design…

“This ring was designed around the stone. I totally love it’s colour and shape and had it some time before finally creating this piece. I wanted it to be all about the stone when worn, but at the same time for the ring to be really interesting, sculptural, functional and elegant in it’s own right – with hidden beauty underneath the stone that only the wearer would know about.” – Stephen Einhorn

Stephen Einhorn Barbarella Ring in 14 Carat White Gold & and Cabochon Cut Aquamarine Stone - Unique Jewellery London

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