The Ring With It’s Very Own Halo

We’d like to introduce the new and very beautiful Halo ring. Why is it called Halo?Do we love Beyoncé? Well yes…however the explanation is simple…when seen from the side the setting for this extraordinary ring looks a bit like a Halo. It’s amazing, all who see it want it…

Stephen Einhorn Halo Ring in 18 Carat White Gold & Cushion Cut Colour Change Sapphire - Designer Jewellery London

Designer Einhorn really surpassed himself with this one but what was his inspiration I hear you say? Well here it is…

“I wanted to make a solitaire ring that wasn’t claw set – so it’s more wearable and durable but also at the same time really show off the stone in an interesting setting. Like I try to make all of my designs – it’s a very small piece of sculpture created to be equally beautiful from all angels” – Stephen Einhorn

This stunning women’s ring is a gorgeous piece of handcrafted designer jewellery. A love and wear forever design and covetable jewellery box addition. The design above is 18 carat white gold with a cushion cut colour change sapphire but it can also be made in a variety of solid precious metal and precious stone options including platinum, pink sapphire and diamond.


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