The Talented & Stylish David McAlmont In Stephen Einhorn’s Bull Ring

We were very very pleased to see a rather stunning film made by the Mr Porter website which features one of our Stephen Einhorn ambassadors, David McAlmont. Not only is David a talented singer and songwriter – my personal favourite is the album Glare made in collaboration with Michael Nyman – but he is also a rather suave and sophisticated dresser.

He is seen here wearing one of our favourite Stephen Einhorn men’s rings, the Bull ring. Apparently he absolutely insisted that he be allowed to wear it as it is part of his look. Well you would, wouldn’t you, if this was yours? I love the clothes he has chosen, particularly the shoes. I would be very interested in a pair of those if they had women’s sizes… (Hint hint). The subjects of these films are quite brave as you have to start of in a state of undress… Not all of us want to be seen in this state; some of us have extreme body hair… I will say no more!

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