2000 Year Old Thames Wood Jewellery Collection

Designed & handmade in our London workshop
2000 Year Old Thames Wood Jewellery Collection

Long, long ago in 55BC when the Romans invaded Britain they discovered there were a few home comforts that were missing. One of these comforts was a decent place to moor their boats. What they needed was a dock so they went looking for a source of wood to build one. To their joy they soon found a small forest of Oak trees growing on the Greenwich peninsular.

The Romans felled the Oak and dragged the huge timbers back to what was to become the City of London. There they built the first Roman dock in Britain. So not only did the Romans teach us how to bathe and install under floor heating, they left us with a rare source of 2000-year-old Oak.

Discovered during excavations on a site just north of London Bridge, this Oak - Thames Wood - has been verified and dated by Dr Martin Bridge of University College London using the extremely accurate method of dendrochronology, and is owned exclusively by Stephen Einhorn.

Using this very limited amount of rare and precious material, Stephen designs and handcrafts pieces that reflect the rare beauty and historical value of this ancient wood. He has also developed a unique impregnation and sealing technique to protect and waterproof the rare 2000-year-old Thames Wood.

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