Here you can do a bit of sleuthing and find out all about us. Here you can see biogs of all the ‘Beautiful People’ at Stephen Einhorn and we ARE lovely, as you can see.  

We have a vast pool of expert qualifications and skills with which to draw on in any one working day.  

Stephen leads the team from the front as it were, because if he did it from the back we wouldn’t be able to see him.  

In this section you can find out how we care for you, the environment and those around us. You can see how to care for your jewellery and read about our terms and conditions of sale.  

You can see how much praise we have had heaped upon us and yes it IS all genuine.  

This is the nuts and bolts section; the engine room of the company, so roll up those sleeves grab a grease gun and jump in!


Meet the Designer...

Stephen Einhorn

Our Company...

Our Company

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