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Bespoke Charms & Accessories

Designed & handmade in our London workshop
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We have many customers all around the world who collect our charms from our main collections, however we also make custom made charms. What could be more touching, and more thoughtful a gift than a bespoke charm? There is nothing more exciting and spine tingling than to be given a bespoke charm! Made just for you, with you in mind, only for you? After you've had the experience of commissioning a bespoke charm from Stephen Einhorn you will never go elsewhere. In our London workshop, we make bespoke charms using every kind of precious metal, silver, gold, palladium platinum and Fairtrade gold, with gemstones and even enamel. It’s a long tradition of gold-smithing that we employ here at Stephen Einhorn, honing our skills and constantly moving them forward.

To have a unique design made by Stephen Einhorn please contact or phone +44 (0) 20 7359 4977 to arrange an appointment with his bespoke manager, or visit us in our London boutique at 210 Upper Street, N1 1RL.