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Bespoke Corporate Commissions

Designed & handmade in our London workshop
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Stephen Einhorn has designed and made many corporate bespoke commissions for very large companies, but one of our favourites was the Dunhill pipe tampers made out of our 2000-Year-Old Thames Wood. Any pipe smoking gent would really appreciate one of these. Einhorn has been asked to make luxury corporate gifts and custom made corporate gifts for many different clients. The list is a long one but includes Dunhill, Nokia, Interflora, publishers Simon and Schuster, 58 Gin, IBM, Channel 4, The Bathing Ape, Benoy Architects, Paul Smith, Tiger Aspect and many more.

Have a look at this section to see what he has made. If you look at these pieces it gives you a small idea of the breadth of products we can produce here in our London workshop, all made by our British craftsmen and women. London bespoke jewellery designer Stephen Einhorn is one of the UK's leading bespoke corporate gift designers and his custom-made pieces have an unrivalled reputation, especially their versatility. Stephen's bespoke work has built up an unparalleled reputation within British luxury jewellery, and for over 22 years he has been designing special one off jewellery designs for individuals who are drawn to his unique style and his commitment to the highest level of skill and client care.

To have a unique corporate design made by Stephen.Please contact or phone +44 (0) 20 7359 4977