A sterling silver signet ring with two interlocking letters S and E engraved on it
Sterling silver signet cufflinks with Fifty Eight Gin's wings logo engraved on it, next to a business card of Fifty Eight Gin brand
A yellow gold oval ring engraved with the letter M at the top and a pattern around it, with engraving on the inside bottom of the ring and a diamond on the side of the signet.
A sterling silver signet ring with interlocking letters on it
A man's hand wearing a sterling silver signet ring with the word Dad xxx engraved on it
A sterling silver signet necklace with the word 'family' and the infinity sign engraved on it at the back
The back view of a yellow gold signet necklace with a skull engraved on it
A white gold signet ring with Arabic letters engraved on it


Have one of our solid smooth signet rings engraved with interlocking initials. It can be anything from one to four characters. You can also have any design engraved, a line drawing of a family crest, or your favourite tree. Whatever you would like. A truly unique gift.