Charm Necklace Jewellery Collection

Designed & handmade in our London workshop
Charm Necklaces
This section is for our designer charm necklaces. A beautiful collection of silver charm necklaces, gold charm necklaces and charms for necklaces, all designed by Stephen Einhorn and handmade in his London workshops.

Silver charms have been around since Queen Victoria’s time. Her subjects liked to commemorate all her activities by having charms made to record each state occasion, cup of tea, or even bee sting, that she had. (Our lovely Bumblebee charm necklace was made for such an occasion…)

Now people like to use charms to convey messages or to commemorate and celebrate special occasions. To note the passing of a beloved pet, a birthday or anniversary, or to convey the message of love you have for ‘her’ that is bubbling up inside your chest and BURSTING to get out. Whatever it is, here you can create your own charm necklace. A message. Why not use our letter charms? S.W.A.L.K.

Ok calm down… Breath... One of our lovely, handmade designer charm necklaces can say it all.

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