Customer Service & FAQs


How long will my order take?

How will my order be delivered?

How much will delivery cost?

I live outside of the European Union, how will this affect my delivery?

Can I have my order delivered to an address that is different to my card's billing address?
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What happens if I buy something and I don't like it?
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What if I don't know the correct ring size to order for a surprise gift?

What happens if I buy something as a gift for someone and they don't like it?

How do I use your Gift Voucher?

I'm trying to buy a gift for a specific occasion. Can you make any suggestions?

I want to send a special message with my gift,  can you put it on a gift tag or a card for me?
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What happens if I buy a ring and it doesn't fit?

I've seen a chain on your website can I have the length changed and what will it cost?

I've seen some jewellery on your website, but I want it made slightly different (e.g. width / finish / stone / catch.) Can you do this for me?
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Can I have something engraved and how much does it cost?

View our engraving guide >

I want to buy a ring or bangle as a gift and have it engraved but I am not sure of the recipient's ring or bangle size.
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Do you use Ethical Gemstones?

How do I look after my jewellery?

I have been wearing an item of sterling silver jewellery and it has gone black and/or made my skin go black/bluish/greenish. What is wrong?

What type of silver do you use?

What precious metals do you use?

Do you do rhodium plating?

I am allergic to certain metals. Do you have any advice?

What quality of diamonds do you use?

What type of stones do you use? Can I order a different quality diamond or other stone?
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Do you custom make bespoke engagement and wedding rings?

Do you make men's engagement and wedding rings?

I already have an engagement ring. Can you make me a wedding band to fit around it?

Do you have personalised jewellery and gifts for the bridesmaids, best man and ushers?

Do you have special gifts for the wedding guests?
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How much does it cost to order a bespoke piece of jewellery?

Can you custom make bespoke items other than jewellery?

When will I receive my bespoke jewellery quote?

How long will my bespoke jewellery take to make?

How do I order and pay for my bespoke jewellery order?

Do I have to visit your shop to discuss ordering a bespoke jewellery or item?

Can you use stones that I have sourced myself?

Can you melt down an existing ring I own and use the metal to make another ring?

I only have a very vague idea of what I want. Can you help me design it?
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I've seen something on your website but I need to ask you something before I buy. Can I contact you to discuss my requirements?

Where is your shop and how do I find it?

I've seen something on your website but I don't want to buy online, can I do this?
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What cards do you accept on your web site?

Are my credit card details safe and secure on your website?

Do you keep my details on record?

Do you give my personal details or contact details to third parties?

What currency do you charge my card in?

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