Designer Jewelry

Designer Jewelry

Stephen Einhorn's designer jewelry collection is designed for individuals who seek originality, exclusivity, high quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge design with a British sensibility.  

His design signature is elegant simplicity. He's interested in pieces that are totally wearable, including his more avant-garde bespoke jewelry designs. Stephen Einhorn is a born and bread Londoner and his design studio, workshops and showroom are based in the heart of England's capital city, London, but you can also buy his handcrafted designer jewelry online.  

From his exclusive 2000 year old Thames Wood jewelry collection to his skull jewelry, charm jewelry and beautiful engagement ring collection, Stephen Einhorn designs men's and women's jewelry to suit all styles - he's very inclusive!  

Each piece from his designer jewelry collection is handmade using solid precious metals and hand-selected precious and semi precious stones and materials. At the heart of the company lies a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility, which dictates where the materials used to create each of his jewelry designs are sourced from.  

True luxury and craftsmanship mean a commitment to excellence in terms of initial design, materials and final design production, which is exactly what you get with Stephen Einhorn's jewelry - each piece unique and individually handcrafted.  

Have a browse through his contemporary collection of designer jewelry and see what takes your fancy…



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