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Men's White Gold Rings

Designed & handmade in our London workshop
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Our selection of white gold rings for men - each design expertly handcrafted in our London workshops. White gold men's rings are extremely popular with our customers, mainly because of the unique colour tone of the metal and its durability. Our most popular men's white gold rings are our 14 carat designs, an unusual colour metal which has a lovely grey tone to it. The different carats of white gold rings do have slight colour variations although they are more or less the same tone - you can see the differences in our metal guide. They also have varying levels of hardness to them due to the different alloys mixes within the different carats. The alloys mixed into white gold are mainly palladium and unlike yellow gold the higher carats of white gold are harder than the lower carats so, an 18-carat white gold ring is harder than a 9-carat white gold ring.

If you're shopping for white gold rings for men online and require help with your search for the perfect design, please don't hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7359 4977 or email us Our expert jewellery advisers have years of experience and will be happy to help.