Skull Charm Studs 9 Carat White Gold & Brilliant Cut Blue Sapphires

Skull Charm Studs
Skull Charm Studs. Click for bigger picture.
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Small solid Skull & Crossbone studs that fit neatly on your ear lobe. They are so cute, but in a 'don't mess with me' kind of way, but quietly you know, we dont like to shout here....shhhhhh. You can have the earrings custom made in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, or even platinum. And you may like to add some 1.5mm brilliant cut stone eyes to each skull. Diamonds, perhaps? Rubies? Just use the drop down menus to make your selection. 


My very first piece of Stephen Einhorn jewellery - yay!

Hello Everyone, Today is my  birthday and I got my very first piece of Stephen Einhorn Jewellery - Yay! Who knew that my casual mentioning of your store and walks past on the way to the dentist would pay off! I am now the  proud owner of rose gold skull charm studs with sparkly ruby eyes. The reason why my bf chose them is because when we started dating (years ago) I had a pair of skull earrings and lost one! I love that he remembered (I had forgotten all about them), I suspect my earrings will be my first but not my last piece. Have a great day, even if mother nature has decided to cancel summer. Design: Skull Charm Studs in Rose Gold with Ruby Eyes


To the staff and artist at the Stephen Einhorn shop

The skull and crossbone earrings arrived today. Let me start off by saying I stumbled on your store website a few years ago. I was looking for a skull and crossbone earring. At that time all you made were the skull and crossbone pave studs. Not exactly for a man. However your design was so unique and beautiful I bookmarked the page. Now a few years later I was checking your website and came across the skull and crossbone small studs. I ordered them in 14k white gold. Your staff was courteous, friendly and very professional. I was a little nervous because I live in the United States and I was afraid that they might not be exactly what I wanted when they arrived. Let me tell you they were everything I wanted and much much more! Not to small and not to big, just right! I absolutely love them! I knew all those years I looked on your website that your items were unique and different works of art! Although being a shopper from the United States and due to the exchange rate they were a little pricey, it was worth it. Why have something everyone else has and not love it? Sometimes you make a purchase and are not 100% satisfied with it. This was one of those purchases that I am so happy I did it. Well, my wife did it for me. These were my fathers day gift. Glad it wasn't the kind of gift that ends up buried in a drawer. I will always love these earrings. Thank you guys for a gift that will be always treasured! I will highly recommend you to my friends and family.

The skull and crossbone earrings arrived today. Le

If you require further information or wish to speak to someone about this piece please email one of our jewellery advisers at or call us on +44 (0) 20 7359 4977 between 10:00 - 18:00 GMT.

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Sapphire Skull & Crossbones Small Studs and cool Sapphire Earrings by Islington jewellery designer Stephen Einhorn London who has a boutique on trendy Upper Street, Islington, N1 1RL.