A Romantic Grand Canyon Proposal!

We set the scene, a man unsuspecting with his partner is getting excited because they are going on an amazing trip to the Grand Canyon… IN A HELICOPTER! Pretty special so far. They have lovely weather, conditions look good, they are relaxing, enjoying the scenery. Then… the pilot suggests they land and take a look around. Good idea, it’s an unusual place, who wouldn’t want to check it out, but then? A proposal! Right there. How amazingly romantic. These two lovely customers were kind enough to share their special moment with us (almost we weren’t actually there) and sent us these really wonderful photos. With a set up like that how could you refuse? We send our hearty congratulations to you both and hope you are enjoying wearing your palladium Metal Geo Elipse rings.

Stephen Einhorn Romantic Engagement Grand Canyon - Men's Engagement Rings - London

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