Design a Bespoke Wedding Ring.

We love weddings at Stephen Einhorn – of course we do – and have always felt passionately that it is a fundamental human right to be able to marry who you love. Before gay civil partnerships, and then weddings, were legalised we had a commitment page on our website to make it absolutely explicit that we were including and supporting our LGBTIQA+ customers: saying, out loud, that their love was no less valid than heterosexual love. That they had a right to have a ceremony. We had that page on our very first website, and its been there ever since.


Over this last year the ability to have a ceremony – for everyone – has taken on an additional meaning. Families and communities kept apart by a necessary response to a pandemic has meant ceremonies cancelled or shrunk. The love was not diminished. But our ability to celebrate in style has changed.


We have been privileged to play a part in these small and meaningful celebrations over the last year, but as the world starts to cautiously open up, and larger gatherings become possible, we can really let our creative imaginations soar with the multitude of products and services we have on offer.

One of our favourite ceremonies was that of two long-term, valued customers who wanted something bespoke, different and uniquely theirs. The couple worked in the Arts and had a range of creative friends to provide music and entertainment, and they wanted the ceremonial trappings of a wedding to match. This is where our mission: designed by individuals, made by individuals, worn by individuals, really came into its own.


We started with the rings. Having jewellery commissioned is a personal and sensitive process. There is an initial consultation in our London showroom (or now over Zoom) where our expert assistants will find out as much as they can about you, your taste, budget, likes and dislikes, style, aesthetic, and emotional responses to different designs. After this Stephen will quote on a few options, along with his design team, and once you are fairly sure which way to go, he will provide you with a realistic drawing of what the final piece will look like. There are then ring fittings, metal choices, stone selections and the final reveal, and at the end you have a piece designed for you, and no one else.


Ah but why stop at jewellery? These customers, having settled on a delicate floral ring for Her and a chunky metal Geo for Him, wanted to provide a bit of levity to a solemn affair. They asked us to encase each wedding band in one of our patented plaster hearts, and have the best men (they had one each), crack them open at the crucial moment. We filled them with rose petal confetti and were reliably informed that a woop was heard from the back as spoon hit heart… Having chosen fairtrade gold and Canadian diamonds for their rings, the couple wanted equally ethical favours which were not disposable and would last forever. That’s where Candle lights came in.


As a company we pride ourselves on really working with our individual customers to make something they love, to celebrate love. We listen and we get excited, and we are not short of ideas. Matching cufflinks for smart shirt sleeves? Check. Necklaces to adorn a décolletage? Oh yes. Being involved in something as personal as a wedding is a huge responsibility. And it should be fun. If any of your planning is starting to feel stressful, you’re in the wrong place. Come to us, we’ll sit you down and give you a glass of sparkly, a great cup of coffee or a good brew. And we will listen. Love really does conquer all.

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