London & The Diamond Jubilee

Well as so many others have already stated most people are using the Diamond Jubilee to basically flog you a load of tat that you don’t want so that after the Diamond Jubilee your house will look like you are a maniacally compulsive supporter of the British National Party! I know, I know, but they HAVE appropriated the Union Jack and there isn’t really anything we can do about it, at least, no one has tried yet…

However if you’re searching for a piece of London and British memorabilia and want something a bit more unique, or something that will last a bit longer than those soggy Union Jack paper plates, check out our London Jewellery Collection.

London & British Jewellery Collection

Personally the Jubilee does nothing for me, I’m not bothered about celebrating anything to do with the Queen, I think she has enough fun already without me having to join in.

What I do however want to celebrate is good old London. London is the city of my birth and a very interesting one at that. I consider it to be one of the most interesting places to live, with its amazingly diverse population, and its ability to withstand everything that happens to it. I cannot abide people that move to London for its wonderful opportunities, and then moan about it all the time. I think London is an amazing place to live and I feel very lucky to be able to do so. I know Londoners are very friendly helpful people, mostly ready for a bit of a laugh or a chat at the bus stop, and if you find Londoners are unfriendly then maybe you need to ask yourself if you are approaching them in the right way? Maybe YOU are not as friendly as you think?

In times of trouble Londoners have true grit as has been proved many times over the years. And in case you misunderstand I mean ALL Londoners, red, yellow, pink, white, black, orange (The Only Way Is Essex type orange) blue…actually I don’t know any red or blue people but you never know we are all very diverse… I include everyone I am proud to call my neighbour.

The Monument in The City of London

So on this Diamond Jubilee I will be strolling around the quieter streets, admiring the amazing buildings in the city with their rich and interesting history. I will have a flask of gin and tonic in my bag and some home made cheese straws to go with, some good friends by my side, perhaps even with Lord Einhorn himself nibbling on a Coxes Orange Pippin, and I will remember just how lucky I am to be a Londoner. The Queen on the other hand may entertain herself!

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