Our Classic Hearts.

There is a theory that the symbolic heart shape as we know it comes from the shape of the seedpod of the Silphium plant, an old type of fennel grown in Roman times. The ancient Greeks and Romans used this plant as a contraceptive and also to cure coughs.

Because of the plants obvious associations with sex, there is some thought that this is why the heart shape as we know it is so aligned with sex and romance.  So this heart symbol became synonymous with emotion and pleasure and in turn love.

Seeds of the Silphium Plant

There is also some theories that the heart symbol is the shape it is because it is like the shape of a women’s buttocks or breasts, but then a lot of other things are synonymous with women’s anatomy, ripe peaches for instance. So we can have no way of knowing if this is true.  If someone gave you a peach would this feel like a romantic gesture?

As the heart shape as we know it slowly became the symbol of love rather than sex, the most obvious use for a symbol of love would be in religion. You give your heart to christ, and Christ would be painted with his’ heart’ to portray the love he feels for you. There need never be any doubt in a religious painting as to the meaning,  if you have a supplicant kneeling at the feet of christ with hands outstretched, if he or she is holding a heart.

You may have your ‘heart’ broken, you may also give your ‘heart’ in friendship. Pretty much everyone in the western world now understands the symbolism of a heart.

Here at Stephen Einhorn we understand the workings of the heart perfectly. For this reason we have several heart collections of heart shaped jewellery. In fact one of the very first collections we made over 22 years ago was a collection of Heart jewellery and we have been selling it without stopping ever since. You may also put a piece of our fine luxury heart jewellery in one of our original and patented breakable plaster heart boxes, there is nothing more romantic.  I love you, so inside this plaster heart box is a precious gemstone heart necklace to show you my love! So romantic.


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