Pavé Setting.

Spring colours… Summer colours…How lovely everything looks when the sun comes out…finally! ( Sorry we are British and we do get very over involved with the state of the weather )

Below are our rather sweet understated Micro Pop range. What makes these rings especial fabulous is the type of setting that has been used to make this Luxurious fine jewellery.

Pavé setting is done using a microscope that is 20x magnification. This type of setting can only be done using this microscope as each stone is only .8mm. The only person that could do this without a microscope would be The Bionic Man. The actual setting technique is the same as bigger stones, the metal is still cut and raised to form  beads to hold in the stone.

These beautiful delicate rings have Eternity and wedding bands that perfectly match these Micro Pop rings.These are Emerald, Diamond and Ruby Pavé set rings. We love any kind of Pavé here at SE and these are a perfect example. The stones we use are always round brilliant cut. Some people use diamond chips but not here at Stephen Einhorn!

We also use the Pavé in our  Heart range of jewellery, including this  stunning Raspberry Heart Necklace 9 Carat Rose Gold & Brilliant Cut Diamond, and our lovely Raspberry Heart Stud Earrings 9 Carat Rose Gold & Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

Coming soon our new  Micro Pavé hoop earrings and the Super Micro Pavé – our new signature mini hoop earrings.

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