Pride in London!

My lovely little granddaughter who is 4 has still not realised that a lot of her friends have a different skin colour to her. She simply accepts them as friends or not, in the same way that she either likes or dislikes them. And they accept her in the same way. Racism is taught, it is not a natural state which you are born with.

Exactly the same thing can be said about any other difference between people. Prejudice towards anyone who is LGBTIQA or different in any other way is taught, it is not a natural state. To me this is a most depressing fact. It should be that you take everyone at face value. You either get on or you don’t, you like each other or you don’t, not because you are from a different ethnic background or you have a different sexual orientation.

Stephen Einhorn Gay and Lesbian Commitment Pride In London

Oh well I’m talking from a view point of wanting to live in a Utopia and of course we all have to live in the real world.

From the aftermath of The Stonewall riots in June 1960 to the very first Pride on June 28th 1970 LGBTIQA  people are still having to fight for their rights. A lot has changed but not enough, and definitely not enough in some parts of the world where the prejudice will literally kill you and people live in fear of their lives simply because they are different.

We have always thought it was a ridiculous thing to discriminate against anyone for their sexuality and we have been waiting for a lot of the world to catch up with us and stop being so prejudiced… so until that time we want all our LGBTIQA customer’s to feel very welcome. This is why we created our gay and lesbian wedding and commitment section of our website over 20 year ago and have recently made it even bigger and better.

What a world we live in, we need to do all we can to make it better and that starts with education which in turn leads to acceptance.

So let us all stand together tomorrow and have some fun and support all our brothers and sisters and fellow human beings at Pride in London.


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