Stephen Einhorn’s Women’s Jewellery In Ponystep Magazine

We’re a little bit in love with Ponystep magazine and so were totally thrilled when we saw that they’d featured designs from Stephen Einhorn’s women’s designer jewellery collection.

It’s only the second issue of Richard Mortimer’s independent biannual style magazine and we’re already hooked. If you haven’t seen it we’d recommend checking it out. It’s fresh, stylish and cool but not in a try hard way. I think Mortimer sums it up perfectly when he says it’s “considered but not overcomplicated – and fun”.

The shoots are amazing! And the current issue features some lovely pieces from Stephen Einhorn’s women’s jewellery collection including the Madison Avenue necklace in silver and black onyx, Betty silver and white pearl bracelet, Carmen silver and white pearl earrings and the Cross necklace in silver.

We can’t wait for the next issue…

Stephen Einhorn's Women's Designer Jewellery in Ponystep Magazine - Stephen Einhorn London

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