The Story Of Our Rings & Our Customer’s Stunning Magpie Tattoo

This customer you see below, came in to buy two wedding rings.  Adding all the symbolism of shared experiences that they could within their rings, this is what we did for them. We used metals and stones to remind them of their shared experiences.  Then boom! He came in and showed us the most beautiful tattoo on his arm that he had had which included our rings. Flattered? Err yes, wouldn’t you be? Read the wonderful story behind the tattoo below…

Stephen Einhorn Magie and Rings Tattoo - London JewelleryWe were looking for something that symbolised our relationship, our love of travel, and the history of how we got together.  We got engaged in Halong Bay, in Vietnam, and both grew up by the North Sea and love the ocean. The blue tourmaline in Caroline’s engagement ring was sourced by Stephen Einhorn to match the colour of the sea in Halong Bay, with the rose gold being close to the colour of the beaches in the Maldives and Caribbean where we dive. When it catches the light the sparkle is like the sun on the waves… Michael’s wedding band was inspired by an engineering background. The two strong titanium bands wrap the softer rose gold – a reference to two periods in our joint lives – and the gold rivets holding the whole together. As well as the choice of rings, we chose Stephen Einhorn as we wanted something local because Islington means a lot to us, and we got married in the Town Hall.  We asked local artist James at Inklectic, Blackstock Road, to bring together the birds and the rings. So why Magpies? – amongst other things, the memory of our youth in Newcastle and lifelong memories of “that” rhyme…!

Michael and Caroline

Rings – Halo 5 Ring in 9 Carat Rose Gold & Brilliant Cut Blue Tourmaline and Metal Geo Elipse Wide Ring, 9 Carat Rose Gold 

Tattoo – James King

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