Destinee & Dirk – Series 1 Episode 3

By Estella


Destinee & Dirk – Series 1 Episode 3

Stephen Einhorn Destinee & Dirk1. Destinee finds life with her second husband Tad strangely repetitious. She needs something to fill her empty days, to give her life some meaning.

Stephen Einhorn Destinee & Dirk2. She goes to take council from an old family friend, Father Onecanodee, who suggests she might like to dedicate her rather shallow life to The Lord. She decides against this however…

Stephen Einhorn Destinee & Dirk3. Instead she decides to get herself in shape for her new career as a model. She takes up Ashtanga Yoga with her friend Marr Donna. Destinee is impressed by the suppleness of the Instructor.

Stephen Einhorn Destinee & Dirk4. With her now close friend and style advisor Philleepe she puts together her modelling portfolio…. Destinee as American Beauty.

Stephen Einhorn Destinee & Dirk5. Destinee as Gypsy Rose Lee.

Stephen Einhorn Destinee & Dirk6. And Destinee as “The Gold Woman Who Dies” in Gold Finger.

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