All our jewellery is available in a range of precious metals and materials. Click on the product to choose yours.

Mini Skull Bracelet by Stephen Einhorn
Mini Skull Bracelet

Sterling Silver & Diamonds - Custom Option


Large Carved Skull Ring by Stephen Einhorn
Large Carved Skull Ring

Sterling Silver & Brilliant Cut Diamonds - Custom Option


Mini Skull Bangle by Stephen Einhorn
Mini Skull Bangle

9 Carat Yellow Gold & Black Diamonds - Custom Option


Times Square 4 Ring by Stephen Einhorn
Times Square 4 Ring

18 Carat Yellow Gold - Custom Option & HVS Certified Diamond


Catacomb Skull & Bones Ring by Stephen Einhorn
Catacomb Skull & Bones Ring

Sterling Silver, Moissanite Top Stone & Black Diamond Side Stones - Custom Option


Angel Full Eternity Ring by Stephen Einhorn
Angel Full Eternity Ring

18 Carat Yellow Gold & Diamonds


Lucky Diamond Earrings by Stephen Einhorn
Lucky Diamond Earrings



Diamond Raven Bracelet by Stephen Einhorn
Diamond Raven Bracelet