"We want to encourage new generations to become as excited as we are about learning the skills to handcraft beautiful things."

Jane Best, Co-Founder
A black and white photo of three jewellers working in the workshop. There are lots of tools and workbenches on display as well as three polishing motors.
Stephen einhorn's London Workshop

Stephen Einhorn's London workshop is a mix of very old tools that haven’t changed much over the last 300 years and the very latest technology. Even the jewellery benches that we use today are exactly the same design that has been used by jewellers for centuries. Alongside this we use the very latest technology. It’s a wonderful mix of old and new and opens up the possibilities of what we can offer our customers.

As born and bred Londoners, Co-Founders Stephen Einhorn and Jane Best felt very strongly that they wanted to keep British craft alive. They have run their own workshops in the heart of the city for nearly 26 years. British craftspeople used to be absolutely essential to the trade of the UK and now it's rapidly disappearing. We want to encourage new generations to become as excited as we are about making things. Between us we can pretty much make anything at all so we want to pass this knowledge on.

A sales person working on a laptop behind a jewellery display counter at Stephen Einhorn. She is wearing a black top with a wide white collar. There is a floral display behind her.

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