Girl wearing a gold and red gem bracelet, necklace and earrings. The jewellery design has gold interconnected flowers with red ruby's in their centres.
Heroine Stud Earrings by Stephen Einhorn
Heroine Stud Earrings


Heroine Necklace by Stephen Einhorn
Heroine Necklace


Heroine Choker Necklace by Stephen Einhorn
Heroine Choker Necklace



Heroine Bracelet by Stephen Einhorn
Heroine Bracelet




For more information on the film behind the jewellery collection, read our dedicated Damsel film page, with information on the design process, and the challenges of making jewellery for costume.

Overlapping photos of film production concepts. A drawing of the Actor Millie Bobby-Brown wearing ornate gold jewellery from the movie Damsel. Other pictures of the necklace designs from the movie.