Fine jewellery meets costume design in our collaboration for Netflix’s Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things, Enola Holmes) as unexpected heroine Princess Elodie in this fairy tale that may not be a fairy tale after all. Read about the commissioning process and design challenges behind the pieces, and take a look at them up close. All together now: once upon a time, in a land far far away…

Damsel Collar

The choker is worn by Princess Elodie as part of her wedding attire. A line of golden flowers sits around her throat, each holding a red cultured ruby, whilst a delicate pattern of chains and stones dangles over the top of her white dress for an extremely striking result.


Damsel was released on Netflix in March 2024 but we were approached by renowned costume designer Amanda Monk (whose credits include ​​Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, 2023, and In the Long Run, 2017) in January 2022. Such is the secrecy surrounding film productions that before anything was to progress we were asked to sign an NDA. We worked with the initial designs and reference images supplied to us by Amanda, and Stephen experimented with ideas - the Tudor Rose - and metals - a ‘softer’ look, a more aged look, more or less texture - until she was happy that we had achieved her vision. The pieces you see in the film are a testament to that collaboration and artistic partnership, pieces which fit into the fantastical world created by the film makers, and also have nods to royalty and tradition - themes which become increasingly important throughout the film…

Overlapping photos of film production concepts. A drawing of the Actor Millie Bobby-Brown wearing ornate gold jewellery from the movie Damsel. Other pictures of the necklace designs from the movie.



Damsel Brooch - Clasp

This gold-plated brass brooch has an antique, fantastical look. Designed to hold Princess Elodie’s coat together it had several different clasp options to make life a little easier for the dressers and costume designer. The brooch sits at the collar against her dark red cloak which she wears over her wedding dress.


One of the reasons we love doing film work is the creative problem solving it involves. The initial design for the brooch used round cabochon cultured rubies set into a three stone pattern. It had hooks so it could be sewn from behind with button loops onto Princess Elodie’s cloak. 

As is very common when doing pieces for film, the initial design changed and evolved as we worked with the director and the costume designer. The brooch went through several different permutations, with round stones and oval stones,  before eventually becoming the design you see here: a built up domed metal effect instead of the coloured stones, and an ‘aged’ antique look. We also made the brooch so that it could be sewn onto the cloak in a different way and be held securely. And here it is, beautiful and practical, fit for an action princess.

Heroine Collection

Heroine Stud Earrings by Stephen Einhorn
Heroine Stud Earrings


Heroine Necklace by Stephen Einhorn
Heroine Necklace


Heroine Choker Necklace by Stephen Einhorn
Heroine Choker Necklace



Heroine Bracelet by Stephen Einhorn
Heroine Bracelet