More than twenty years since the success of our original partnership, we have collaborated again with iconic Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape to launch two exciting products that reflect the unique vision and imaginative approach that both of our brands are renowned for.  


Making Of Video: The RIng And Fire Garden

Stephen Einhorn X A Bathing Ape Making Of

“We are really excited to be collaborating with A Bathing Ape again - they are a very cool and interesting brand!”

 - Stephen Einhorn

Putting Together The Fire Garden

Stephen Einhorn X A Bathing Ape

The Stephen Einhorn X A Bathing Ape ring, featuring an enamelled BAPE logo, echoes the trending 90s aesthetic of the original design, but with a slightly more ergonomic shape and heavier weight. Each ring is handmade to the highest standard using sustainable methods in Stephen Einhorn’s London workshop, and will be available as a limited edition run in Japan, Hong Kong, USA and the UK.

The Stephen Einhorn X A Bathing Ape Ring

 The ‘Fire Garden’ is a completely unexpected and very unusual night light design, featuring four apes holding their hands out to the flame, representing the discovery of fire. This is a little piece of man’s evolution that you can sit and watch for hours, and shows the sense of fun that is key to both brands. 


Stephen Einhorn has developed packaging for the collection which is as beautifully and thoughtfully designed as the products themselves, whilst also caring for the planet. The luxurious boxes are 100% sustainable, with a 100% recyclable exterior and a compostable interior, and even the inks used are environmentally friendly.


Stephen Einhorn and A Bathing Ape first worked together in the late 1990s. Stephen was known in the UK for creating original and distinctive men’s jewellery, as his slogan ‘we make beautiful things for interesting people’ would suggest, and his ranges for Paul Smith became very popular in Japan. After BAPE founder Nigo bought several Stephen Einhorn pieces for himself, he then approached Stephen to collaborate - and the original Stephen Einhorn X A Bathing Ape Ring and Fire Garden was born.

Stephen Einhorn X A Bathing Ape will be available to purchase from Stephen Einhorn's website and Islington, London store from April 2nd.