By Jane



Designer Stephen Einhorn at FaustWe are soooo erudite at Stephen Einhorn, when we heard that the Vesturport and Reykjavik Theatre company were performing Faust we decided to amble along for a look see. What a night! A very exciting production, with scantily clad ladies crawling above our heads in their underwear. How strange you say? How come? Well, above our heads and right across the whole theatre was a net in which a lot of the action occurs. Even though this was sopposed to be an intimate evening, between Einhorn and myself, I did bring the Mother along. She was entranced, and was so spell bound by the action (especially when one of them shot out straight from a hole in the stage right past our heads) that she didn’t even say anything when they started having sex on stage…and there were breasts! Usually I would expect at least a few sighs and one ” well really!” She dosen’t get out much and I DO like to broaden her horizons, bless her. She is currently knitting a version of Sir Ian Mckellens’ Hamlet with the W.I. She hasn’t seen it of course, they are just making it up as they go along.

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Room with a view…  We love this photo of London rain at Tower Bridge. See more pics on our London Love Pinterest board. Photo by Georgia Mizuleva
As you squeeze your way through hordes of tourists at Piccadilly Circus, slightly hidden (mainly by bodies) is the Criterion restaurant, which I was fortun
We love this snap of our Bull ring on his London commute with the super-dapper Toni from Fashitects… Our Bull ring is handmade in solid sterling silver rig