The Story of Destinee & Dirk

By Jane


The Story of Destinee & Dirk

Destiny & Dirk The StoryDestinee and Dirk were first conceived by the writer and installation artist Estella Meilleure. She was asked by Stephen Einhorn to devise a window display, to remind his customers that at Stephen Einhorn they make the best engagement and wedding rings in town.

She borrowed some dolls from a small child and fashioned a ‘doll tableau’ dressing them all in exquisite wedding attire. The windows attracted so much attention and incessant demands for more stories, that the characters Destinee and Dirk were born. The soap is now being moved here, to our lovely blog for all Stephen Einhorn customers to enjoy worldwide.

In her spare time Estella is part of an Auteur supergroup ‘The Tremendous’
who regularly tour when not involved in other projects. The group consists of saxophonist Kenny F, Count Von Einhorn, Brit artists Steak and Vino Chipmen, lounge singer Franki Formagi, well known director Tin Tin Quarantino and of course the one and only Estella Meilleure.

Series 1 Episode 1 – Coming Soon!