Angel Collection

Angel Collection

Striking & Wonderfully Modern

A collection of women’s and men’s rings made with an architectural sensibility. 
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" I wanted to design a three stone ring as I felt that this was something missing from our collections. At first I couldn’t make up my mind how it should look until I started digging around the very influential Arts and Crafts movement. This search was actually inspired by a visit to some friends who live in Reydon, Suffolk. There are some very beautiful old Alms houses located there that were built during that period in history. The main philosophy of this art movement was traditional craftsmanship and simplicity of design, it was a very important movement that lasted well into the 1920’s. "


Pear Shaped Stones
Angel Engagement Ring 0.5 ct
Angel Engagement Ring 0.75 ct
Angel Engagement Ring 1 ct

 The Angel ring is a very romantic piece, so fall in love, and wear it with style. The design is available in three different stone sizes. It starts with a 1/2 carat, then 0.75 of a carat, up to a 1 carat central stone.

The Angel Collection

“ The Angel engagement ring is a romantic design and one which I think works particular well. Included in this collection I wanted the more masculine and feminine design of the wedding bands to work alongside the engagement ring, so couples could have different rings that had the same design sensibilities. ”

Angel Wedding Ring
Angel Slim Wedding Ring
Angel Wide Wedding Ring

The Angel collection wedding rings for both men and women are stunning. They have a wonderfully discreet middle edge to them that makes them totally different from any other design.

Angel Eternity Ring

The pavé set precious stones in the Angel eternity ring are only placed on one side of the design allowing the stones to accent the unusual shape of the band. This thrilling design is a bit of a winner, especially when paired with the Angel engagement ring.

The Angel Collection Making Of Behind The Scenes
Come behind the scenes in our London workshop