London Jewellery Collection

Designed & handmade in our London workshop
London Jewellery Collection by UK & British Designer Stephen Einhorn
Here in our gorgeous London collection you will find I'm sure, our men's and women's jewellery inspired by all things London…innit? Well darlings we have to move with the times and it is no longer quintessentially British to be posh... Here we make luxury British jewellery. If you are a little bit of a collector (and I think we all are, shoes? need I say more?), choose something here and add it to your London and British memorabilia collection.

Here you will find a unique British gift, if only in the fact that it was made by hand, by good old British craftsman in a good old fashioned British workshop. What, after all is more iconic than a bowler hat? I know not many people wear them now, but it still makes one think of city gents, British fog, the establishment (oh sorry we've gone posh again). How about a teacup and saucer charm? Now that is very very British and EVERYONE drinks tea so very inclusive!

Come on, get choosing and make yourself a beautiful London charm bracelet or London charm necklace. Get backing Britain and invest in a collectable jewellery piece - the very best of British jewellery design! Thank you ma'am no sugar for me, a sponge finger you say? Don't mind if I do...

Stephen Einhorn's women's and men's London jewellery collection is handmade in solid silver, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum right here in our London workshops. Noting is plated and each design can be made in a variety of carats, including 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold. 

You can shop Stephen Einhorn's British and London jewellery collection right here, right now, or you can visit us at our London showroom on Upper Street, Angel, Islington, N1. We'd love to see you… and don't forget we are one of the few British companies left who make everything on site. We can alter, we can revamp, we can service, and generally look after your cherished Stephen Einhorn jewellery. We pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer care and aftercare; with us it's a lifelong relationship.

If you're shopping for British and London inspired jewellery (or British and London inspired jewelry for our lovely American customers!) online and require a little help with your search for the perfect piece, please don't hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7359 4977 or email us at Our expert jewellery advisers have years of experience and will be able to demystify the wonderful world of luxury handcrafted jewellery.
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