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Stephen Einhorn Ltd was founded in London in 1995. The aim of the company is that with our specialist design and manufacturing skills we will create handmade, innovative designer jewellery, bespoke and unique products, and offer a personalised service that other companies cannot equal.

Hand made jewellery Hand made jewellery

Our Philosophy Social & Environmental Responsibility
Charities Responsible Sourcing & Materials (Including Conflict Free Diamonds)

Our Philosophy...

  • To create designer jewellery pieces and products that are exciting, approachable and innovative.
  • To handmake every one of Stephen Einhorn's designs using solid precious metals, precious stones and hand selected diamonds.
  • To work in a low stress environment in which every employee is valued and treated with respect, and to create a happy environment.
  • To ensure that the quality of lives of our employees is prioritised over work.
  • To provide all of our staff with extensive and up to date training.
  • To train our retail staff over 8 months to a year in all aspects of the jewellery trade and to ensure that they are experts in their field, with an understanding of the ethics of the trade and conflict free diamonds.
  • To ensure that our customers receive honest and expert guidance from our jewellers and retail staff.
  • To run a socially and environmentally responsible company that plays an active role in its community, be that the jewellery trade as a whole, or the local community of Islington, London.
  • To run the kind of design led, responsible and approachable company that we would be proud to shop in.

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Social & Environmental Responsibility...

  • To handmake every product, and never to use child or forced labour
  • To fully - and personally - inspect every supplier to ensure that they adhere to fair working practices
  • To improve and sustain our environment by:
    • Reducing our carbon emissions
    • Making available the use of bicycles to staff
    • Creating recyclable product packaging
    • Recycling as much as is possible in our local area
    • Using sustainable and recyclable materials
    • Minimising water wastage in our workshop
    • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products

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We believe that as a company that has been based in Islington, London for over fifteen years, we occupy a privileged position in our local commmunity and seek to be an active part in its improvement. Over the years we have supported countless local charities, donating jewellery to auctions and raffles, and helping to fundraise for local causes. Stephen has also personally welcomed a number of local school children through our doors over the years, to spend time in the workshop, and run one-off making workshops in those schools.

Local Charities and Organisations Include:

Local Charities and Organisations Include: Little Angel Theatre and William Tyndale Primary School

  • The Little Angel Theatre
  • William Tyndale Primary School
  • Thornhill Primary School
  • St Paul's Shrubbery
  • Islington Scout Troup
  • Canonbury Lane Tsunami Appeal
  • Canonbury Primary School

Stephen Einhorn has also supported a number of national charities, providing our designer jewellery pieces for fundrasing events across the country. The company also has a sponsored charity which will change every few years. This sponsored charity receives a commitment from the company to help them raise funds by not only donating pieces from Stephen's made to measure collection, but by collaborating with them on a range of designer jewellery whose profits will support them over a sustained period of time. Our collaboration with Help a London Child raised thousands of pounds to allow them to continue to provide practical and lasting support to the capital's disadvantaged children and young people, and produced a range of Fairy Tale Charms designed by local school children in a competition run by ourselves and the charity, which we then sold with profits going to Help a London child.

Fairy Tale Charm Collection

Fairy Tale Charm Collection

National Charities Include:

  • Help a London Child (sponsored charity)
  • Caudwell's Children's Charity (Butterfly Ball)
  • Macmillan Nurses
  • Renal & Transplant Unit, Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Ultrasound Unit, Churchill Hospital, Oxford
  • The Stroke Association
  • National Aids Trust
  • London Air Ambulance
  • Greenpeace

Help A London Child. London Air Ambulance. National Aids Trust.

Responsible Sourcing & Materials...
(Including Conflict Free Diamonds)


Conflict Free Diamonds

'Conflict diamonds' (often known as 'Blood Diamonds') are rough diamonds that are traded illicitly by rebel movements in many parts of West and Central Africa and across the world to purchase arms and fund military campaigns aimed at undermining legitimate governments. These insurgent groups perpetrate violent atrocities and human rights violations against innocent civilians and prolong civil wars.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is an international system that regulates the trade of rough diamonds (diamonds that are yet to be cut and polished) and bans the trade of conflict diamonds and imposes extensive requirements on participants to certify that shipments of rough diamonds are free from these conflict diamonds.

The Kimberley Process (KP) started in May 2000 when diamond producing states from South Africa met in Kimberley to discuss ways of regulating the diamond trade and stopping illegitimate, conflict diamonds from entering the diamond supply chain and funding conflict. In December 2000 the United Nations passed a resolution supporting the creation of an international certification scheme for rough diamonds. In November 2002 the Kimberley Process Certification scheme came into being after complex negotiations between international governments, human and civil societies, and the diamond trade. The scheme officially came into force in 2003.

What YOU need to know about CONFLICT DIAMONDS

In accordance with the KPCS each shipment of rough diamonds must be in a tamper proof container, accompanied by a KP certificate guaranteeing that it does not contain conflict diamonds. This certificate is then passed on at every stage of the sorting, cutting and trading process.

We choose to comply with the United Nations backed Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and do not use conflict diamonds. We insist that our suppliers provide us with KP written guarantees, ensuring they do the same.

We feel strongly that the luxury jewellery trade has a responsibility to ensure that the KPCS is upheld, and therefore would like to assure our customers that the diamonds we use in our fine jewellery have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with the Kimberley Process.



Sorry, enough of the musical musings (got a bit side tracked!) We'll put our serious hat back on...

The gold that we use in our fine jewellery has been in the supply chain for 5000 years. The jewellery trade has been using gold for thousands of years, gold which has been melted down, re-used and re-made countless times.

Over 80% of the gold that we use here at Stephen Einhorn is recycled, and the remaining 20% comes from established and verifiable sources.

Platinum, Palladium, and Silver

It is not just the supply of gold that is a cause for concern in the jewellery trade. We do our best to ensure that all of our precious metal comes from reputable sources.

Silver has also been recycled in the trade for 5000 years, and over 80% of the sterling silver we use is recycled, with a large proportion of platinum and palladium being the same. Platinum has not been in the supply chain for as long as gold and silver has, but palladium, being the metal used to colour white gold, has had just as long a history.

In addition to the above ethical and responsible policies, we do not commit crimes, drink drive, mug old ladies or read The Daily Mail. If someone has a bad fall we ask them if they are ok, and we only laugh if the person slipped on a banana skin (or walked down the street with their dress tucked into their knickers).




Stephen Einhorn Ltd, company registration no. 302 1936, is registered and organised under the laws of England and Wales, with a registered office at 210 Upper Street, London, N1 1RL, United Kingdom.

Stephen Einhorn designs are protected by International Design Rights. © 2021 Stephen Einhorn Ltd

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