Fine Jewellery

Jewellery made from precious metal will scratch and wear over time, especially if it comes into contact with a similar or harder material. It is important that you take special care when wearing your fine jewellery.

Avoid wearing it in situations where it may get damaged easily such as whilst doing domestic or manual jobs or when using exercise or sporting equipment. It may even get damaged if knocked against a ring on your other hand whilst clapping.

When not wearing your fine jewellery keep it in a safe place such as the Stephen Einhorn jewellery box that it came in. Always store your items of jewellery separately from each other. This is particularly important if you have diamond jewellery, as one diamond is hard enough to scratch another.

Avoid any kind of contact with bleach or cleaning products and never wear jewellery when swimming. Prevent your jewellery from coming into contact with hair spray, deodorants and perfumes and be aware that pharmaceuticals, narcotics, alcohol and some foods can adversely affect the pH balance in your skin. In some instances this may cause a reaction with sterling silver, accelerating the tarnishing process.

We encourage you to bring your jewellery back to us every year for professional servicing. Our Stephen Einhorn jewellers will take time and care to inspect your jewellery in order to determine the service that needs to be provided. If it is necessary you will receive an estimate for any work that may need doing. We will provide the service as soon as you validate the estimate.

For more information please contact our London shop at or phone us on +44 (0) 20 7359 4977.