Gemstones that need extra care


Opals are very beautiful stones. There are many different types but what they mainly have in common is that they have a fiery opalescence. The most important thing to consider when using an Opal in jewellery is.. are you going to be able to care for it? The opal is an extremely soft stone and is very vulnerable to extreme heat and cold and will also scratch very easily. It is only no 5 on the MOH scale of hardness. Therefore it must not be knocked. It is not recommended as a stone to be worn as an engagement ring. An Opal is better suited as a dress ring that is not worn very often. It must never come into contact with strong chemicals including perfume. Like pearls it must be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off when getting ready to go out. This is so it can avoid having anything kind of chemical on it like hairspray or perfume.



Tanzanite is quite a soft stone. It is slightly harder than an Opal. It is 6-7 on the MOH scale of hardness. Tanzanite is only mined in Tanzania. The colour is very stable. Tanzanite’s are not recommended to be used in engagement rings that will be worn every day. They are for dress rings that are not worn often but are more showy. They scratch easily so great care should be taken when they are worn. They are also very brittle and will crack when they are knocked. They are also sensitive to extreme heat. Tanzanites can be cleaned with a very soft cloth, warm water and mild soap.


Emeralds are quite a soft stone. They are 7.5 on the MOH scale of hardness. They must be worn very carefully. They mustn’t be knocked as they break very easily.  Although a traditional engagement ring stone they need to be worn with care. They often have inclusions as this is part of the character of an Emerald and is called the ‘Jardin’. However this can make them more fragile if knocked. Emeralds can be treated with oil and can be cleaned with warm water, soap and a soft cloth.