Another Wedding With Lovely Stephen Einhorn Wedding Rings!

By Team Einhorn


Another Wedding With Lovely Stephen Einhorn Wedding Rings!

Here we have the lovely Tom and Sarah, the bride wearing a bespoke version of our Dainty Belle wedding and engagement rings, the groom sporting a natty Silver Geo ring as his wedding ring of choice. I love the photo of them together despite the slightly radioactive nature of the lighting – did they marry in a nightclub? How radical! I joke of course! I am told the wedding was really lovely and everyone had a good time. They both look radiant and Lord Einhorn is ALWAYS happy to be a part of his customers’ special day  (he means by making the rings, he really doesn’t need to be invited to every wedding, and anyway he’s such a big crier that I quite often have to take him out of the ceremony…) Congratulations Tom and Sarah and we will expect to see you, Tom, for the purchase of an eternity ring in a years  time or something else lovely on your first anniversary…? Actually people I have made a mistake…the bride had a bespoke ring styled in a size between the Dainty Belle and the Belle set as she had her own family diamond..nice.

Tom & Sarah At Their Wedding in Stephen Einhorn Rings

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